#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part four-And we’re off!

So when I left you hangin on the last #roadtrippity post…we were here:



At the start line.324

With allll these people behind us:330

Let me start off by saying….Since we started telling the kids about where we were going…we called it a “race” for lack of better words.  They really had no clue what to expect. They had never been to anything like that before & had no clue what it was all about. So I can see when we say the word “race”  (which is sorta kinda right) I can see how they got their point of view.

So..I was thinking because we were surrounded by hundreds of people…that the start off would be rather slow & congested.

I wasn’t counting on the possibility of us being FIRST at the starting line! I mean c’mon..what are the odds of that?? Of course…what are the odds of my son getting Happy Birthday sung to him by hundreds of people?? Apparently pretty good. Ha!


So…what came next…I wasn’t really expecting.


The guy put down the flag & said GO….And Garridon set off to win the race.

Yes…I had a minor freak out.

Ok…I had a major mom freak out moment.

I was laughing & freaking at the same time.

That kid is FAST.


There was NO EFFIN WAY  I…or any of muh posse was ganna catch that kid.


CIAH13_05_00313 CIAH13_05_00314

Even if I wasn’t an asmathic hippo…I couldn’t have caught him.

CIAH13_05_00315 CIAH13_05_00316

I was afraid he would get like 1/2 a mile ahead & realize that we weren’t with him and look around & see hundreds of strangers. or get off the track & get lost. or get kidnapped. or be scared when I wasn’t there.

Thank the sweet baby Lord Jesus that the kid only got about a hundred yards ahead before he turned to see where we were.

I felt so bad for him because he really was ahead of everyone..& so proud of himself that he was that fast. He really thought that was what he was supposed to do!


This was really the only hill the whole race..up & down the bridge.342 343 345 346 348

Daynie’s face was pretty much like that the whole time LOL. She was not into the physical part of the whole thing!354 355 356 359

Here is Aunt Babe pretending to run.

Notice the people walking behind her the whole time.

361 362 363 364 365

Here’s me pretending to run. We were trying to get some action shots…to show we were ya know…really into it. Also notice the people walking behind us. Lol…we didn’t really think things through.366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373


Next post I’ll get to the Color Bombing…

.for now..enjoy this BEFORE of us getting photo bombed,


Some mo befo’s:

CIAH13_10_00531 CIAH13_10_00532






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