#roadtrippity…Intagram Greatness


So on the back of our awesome Color Me Rad shirts we made…

We gave ourselves hashtags that expressed us. Then hashtagged ourselves on Instagram.

I thought it was fun to see the other pics on Instagram with the same hashtag.

A little creepy that more than one of these is in a cloud of smoke….




I got a good chuckle that there were actually some other RUNBABE hashtags!  And an equally good chuckle at the girl next to Aunt Babe’s pic.1020


Little tip…if you want a screen shot of a popular hashtag…take it the SECOND you upload it…otherwise it will take you over an hour get back to it.



I love that I’m grouped with Starbucks, Six Pack, & Dyed Deviled Eggs…all the true symbols of #awesome.


Pretty sure that little girl in the middle is a cheer leader but whatev.



Nice. EFF bomb right next to muh bebe. Chinese Chick (I think) in top row middle doesn’t look so happy it’s her bday. Big titty prom girl at the bottom has some fierce posing skills.1025

This one is as exactly what I thought it would be. All is right in the world.



I thought this one would be wayyy more interesteing. I mean c’mon…it’s #photobomb people!!



For more instagram greatness follow me!


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