Ready to ROCK IT

I know why Mama is all about broadcasting her runnin & gym sesh’s to the blog & instagram world.

That shit is HARD.

If I ever get where I can run a mile without lookin like a wheezy asmatic hippo.. I’m ganna shout that shit from the rooftops!

In yo face rockin the run!!!

When I started the Couch to 5K last two Tuesday’s ago…I couldn’t even make it through the first 60 sec jog. And after about the 3rd jog…muh bod was like Oh Hellll No Girl! 

I didn’t do anything the rest of the week b/c of busy schedules. BUT the next Tuesday  I got right back out there.

I made it through the first 60 second jog and almost through the next couple. After about the 3rd I had to walk the rest.



I might be slow as a sloth. My progress might be creepin along. But every 60 sec jog that I can make it through…I feel like I accomplished something! And that feels awesome!

Here’s I am last Tuesday.

Well this past weekend..I loaded up a bunch of my favs…& we roadtripped it to Houston for some Color Me Rad 5K.

Created with Gifboom


Created with Gifboom


We WALKED the 5K with our kiddos. & had a totally badd a$$ time! The whole trip was EPIC.

Here’s some sneaks..

CIAH13_10_00532 CIAH13_10_00223CIAH13_10_00220CIAH13_05_05490

I’ll do a few posts to cover that rad adventure!

When we got back from the trip…my butt was MOTIVATED!!

I hit the track Monday after work with just muh chilluns in tow.  And WE ROCKED IT!


photo (91)


That baby girl did the WHOLE thing with me! SO proud of her!

Of course…a little bribing may have helped…

photo (92)

Yes I keep a stash of overpriced AG apparel & accessories for times I need a little bribery leverage.

Don’t judge me.

And Tuesday…I headed back for day two 🙂

photo photo (1)


This time I used the Run Keeper app along with the Couch 2 5K so I could keep up with my distance.

I can’t tell ya’ll how good it feels everytime I complete a 60 sec jog! And then when I complete a 30 min sesh…dammmn….I just wanna broadcast that shit all over social media  (like #mameg) & tell everyone I know.

It might be a small step…but it is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!


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