Rainbow Cake….just call me Betty Crocker!


I recently signed back into my old personal Book Face  acct and snagged some old posts…Here’s a rainbow cake I made for my bestest sista n law when she got married!



Letting a layer cool.. 


Only had 2 round pans…so I had to cook two at a time… 


I was out of cake boards so I had to improvise! I taped together two Post Office Mailing Boxes and covered them in a cut up Birthday Gift Bag… 


The first two layers in the freezer… 


In the refrigerator…letting it get hard so I can frost the whole thing w/out it wobbling! 


I know…I know…not the best decorating job! but I was in a super big hurry! This cake was for Hollie & Michael..get it?? To a BRIGHT FUTURE?? Ha ha! I told them it was their wedding cake! 

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Got the idea & recipe from http://www.mycharmingkids.net/2009/09/rainbow-cake.html Everyone knows how I am a FAITHFULLLLL reader of MckMama’s Blog! 

oh…but i didn’t use the cream cheese frosting recipe…i just got the buttercream in the cans

Haha…you can tell this is OLLLDDD (Oct 11 2009)….MckMama hasn’t had her blog in foreverrrr. And it’s weird to see my old kitchen with no top cabinets or backsplash. You can check out my kitchen before & afters HERE.  Since MckMama’s blog & the recipe is gone…here’s the quick rundown on how to make the cake…I just used white cake mix made according to the box…divide into bowls for each layer & add food coloring. Once cooked & you are putting the cake togethre…you have to freeze/refrigerate the layers as you add them so they will not break apart. 

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