Oops Miley did it again…



Have ya’ll seen the video to Miley’s new song Wrecking Ball???

miley sani


Miley honey…grab a seat cover…


She alllllmost made it through the video without showcasing her tongue…oh nope wait..there it is!

Miley sledge


Does Miley own any actual CLOTHES?  This girl is desperate to flaunt her body. At least she is wearing age appropriate attire this time…definitely a step up from her cartoon onesie.

I wonder if this also comes in a 6-9 months?

I wonder if this also comes in a 6-9 months?

During the opening of this video all I want to do is tell her to swallow. (although I’m sure she hears that often enough…oh snap that was a low blow) The spit between her top & bottom teeth as she sings is enough to make me wanna gag. Umm…do they not edit these videos? I’m sure there were plenty of spitless takes. Even if there weren’t….. If they can photoshop half of Lindsey Lohan’s rack out of Herbie to make it more ‘family friendly’…they can take out Fruitcake’s saliva to save our lunches. Gross.

Watch out Kim & Farrah…there’s a new ugly crier in town & her name is Miley.

farrah-abraham-crying-2 kim-kardashian-crying-face-2-zap2it


I wonder if they practice their fake cries?


All obvious ridiculousness aside…I actually kinda dig the song…maybe because it reminds me of a Taylor Swift song…especially the beginning.  And everyone knows I love me some Taylor.






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