Oh Kim…

Everyone who is in the know, knows I’m all about those crazy Kardashians. Like the rest of the world, I am drawn to their show for a lot of reasons and also..no reason at all. I just like it okay.

Kim has never really been my favorite. Actually…she’s always rubbed me pretty wrong. Plus she shot to the top of my Chit List when she got with that douche bag Kanye. And then she had North and all of a sudden she was likable to me.

And when these two photos hit the internet the other night…I kinda liked her even more.

kkcover1(rgb)watermark kkcover2(rgb)watermark

They’re fun. They are classy as they can be when you’re greased up with your ass hanging out. I did stare for a really really long time because I really thought that the art of the picture was for everything to be distorted and over photo shopped. Exaggerated. Like that was the point.


Yes…for sure a Dr. Suess vibe.

I wasn’t really shocked…I mean…her ass is kind of what she’s known for.


While the world was abuzz with questions over the realness of Kim’s voluminous back end… my only question was… who the hell is PaperMag.com?

Pretty sure she accomplished exactly what she’s going for. EVERYONE was talking about it. Pretty dang smart though to trick the internets with a strategic ploy of releasing just the two images to send them in a frenzy for 24 hours thinking that’s the controversy to get their panties in a wad over…and then BAM! Hit ’em with the good stuff!


Quite the genius, that Kim.

Did anyone actually read the article? Did he actually interview her in that interview?

I don’t know what everyone is so shocked about. I mean…it’s not like her goods aren’t already out there for anyone to google anyway. This is for sure her classiest R-Rated move.

Plus…she already did something similar in 2010:



Kuddos to her for having the same banging hot bod post baby.


I know that people get all freaked out about naked ladies and exploitation of women…


but I think the human body is a beautiful act of God.

I would rather see a beautiful, classy photoshoot the way Kim does it…than see the way Miley exploits the female body:



So…internets…get over yourself and embrace the beauty that is Kim Kardashian.

Also…you can’t deny that she provided us with plenty of awesome  material to work with!!





10687176_779303885472901_6255534192426895102_n Image2

FullSizeRender (1)Image3


FullSizeRender (3)kim-kardashian-butt-memes-2


FullSizeRender (2)



Thanks Kim!




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