Oh baby it’s a shower!

Baby Shower Invite

This week it’s ALL about baby showers here at MommyEdwards.com (aka The Nina Show)

I will be featuring a few baby showers I have thrown or been a part of giving.

And to kick off the festivities I will be featuring in the next post today (double whammy ya’ll) my very own baby showers that were thrown for me!


Here’s some awesome, fun, creative games to play at baby showers!

I found them on Pinterest…just click the link to go to the pin. (be sure to follow me on Pinterest..I ONLY pin pure awesomeness)

My water broke!



Potty Pong



Blindfolded diaper changing game.



Separation Anxiety: Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game


Baby Blocks…Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game



Hanky Panky Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game



Baby Rattle Minute to Win it Baby Shower Game



Thirsty Baby Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game



How the baby was made.   THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!


Who brought Pooh?

Have each person bring a children’s book that fits her personality. The mom-to-be guesses who brought each book. If she is right, the person gets a prize. The best part of this game is that the new mom gets to keep all the books.



Who’s Who?

Have all the guests bring a baby picture of themselves. Place pictures around party with a number and have guests go around and guess who they are.



Be my baby. 

See which guest can come up with the most songs containing the word ‘baby.’ If none of the guests are familiar with a certain song, the person who listed it must sing some of it to get credit.


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