No Ace, just you.


Glad the world didn’t end…bc I’m pretty stoked to use this in twenty thirteen..






I got the PDF from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Step by step directions on printing made it easy. The last page (blog brainstormer) came from The Project Girl
I like the format & printed about 25 front and back and added them to the back. I just took it to a local place and had it bound into a spiral.

Loves it.

Like our big ass ham?


Don’t be jelly.

This guy…


Loves to wrap presents.

He was seriously cracking me up with his preciseness with the To: & From:


This other guy:


Is having a great time fillin the freezer


Have you lost a jacket?


If you have there’s a good chance it’s in the lost & found lining the halls of my kids school.

Yes. That’s for real.

This gives me some serious chuckles.




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3 thoughts on “No Ace, just you.

  1. oh man, that picture of the dead deer made me tear up! i used to help with butchering pigs when i was younger so i am no stranger to that world but the look on that deer’s face breaks my heart…they are such peaceful creatures, it just makes me so sad! i guess that’s how people from India must feel when they hear we eat cows?? 🙂 anyway, love the printables, but just wanted to tell you the dead deer was, er, disturbing. now i want to be a vegetarian. 🙂

    • Cows are peaceful creatures too…lol. God gave us meat to eat and commands it several times in the Bible. We eat everything my husband kills. One deer fills our freezer and we eat on it for the whole year until the next dear season. Deer meat is very healthy and lean. I prefer elk myself. I think deer are beautiful animals & I could never shoot them myself. But I also could never harvest a cow myself & then turn around and make hamburgers.

      • I agree with everything you’ve said here. I am thankful that your family is resourceful with the animals you kill–so thankful! I know the deer had a better life than most of the meat we find at the supermarket. I guess after being desentitized to the natural way things work, it was a shock. At the same time, I know many that hunt just for the sport and I don’t like that. But like I said, I believe the way your family finds their meat is more humane than most grocery stores. (But the photo still shocked me!) 🙂

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