My new teladdiction.


Do ya dig it??

Like SERIOUSLY. this shit is FUNNAYYYY!

You gotta check it.

Next…I’m SOOOO excited that TLC feeds my weirdo cravings for two headed chicks!

I am mucho fascinated by all things dubbed FUH-REEEEEK-ayyyy!

I just have SOOO many questions! I mean really…this show makes you have way more questions than it ever answers.

I have been fascinated by these two one twone? since I saw their documentary on TLC from when they were 16. C’mon…an hour is NOT ENOUGH! I NEED MORE!

Then the other day…I was talking about them & decided to go to the Google & see if I could find something/anything more updated on the duo. Imagine my total excitement when I saw TLC gave them a SHOW! Hells yeah!

& of course…my already over the top Teladdictions:

The Abster never fails to entertain me.

ALLL those moms are CRAY CRAY!

Keepin up with tha K’s….I can’t get enough!

I even have Danny into it. Yep.

And last…I’m pretty pretty sad that

is OVER!



What. Will. I. Do?

I was dissapointed in the last show. It left a lot of unanswered questions.

Like did this DOUCHE BAG get more custody time w/ Bentley?

And we all know this train wreck went to prison.

But they didn’t even touch on it in the show!

Did these two get back together?

What was Butch’s response to Tyler’s letter?

What was Brandon & Theresa’s response to April’s letter?

Can Butch even read? Can April even write?

Oh well…I guess I’ll just have to resort to social media stalking to get the 411 now.

Instagram. Twitter. My new BFFs slash enablers.



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