My kids do the weirdest $h!t… Platinum Edition

I got so many…they get their own post.

So first…this little story:

The other morning I was rushing to get the kids out of the house because their ride was waiting in the driveway.

Garridon was moving slow on purpose and ignoring me.

And then.

THEN the little freak spit on the floor!!!


For why???

No. Flippin. Reason. At. All.

Other than to be a little pain in the ass!

So then I tried to catch his little butt to administer constructive discipline beat his little ass…and the kid starts running around the kitchen table so I can’t catch him.

Every parent knows you gotta have two people to catch a kid that is running around a table.


And then there’s this:



That would be Danny’s huge bowl that he uses to soak his fish in before he filet & bags it.

I have NO flippin clue how it ended up in Daynie’s room…but it did.

And when I asked her why it was in the bathroom with her panties & pajamas in it she replied…I found it in my room and I didn’t know what else to do with it so I decided to carry my clothes in it.


Weirdness numba 3:

The kids were supposed to be putting up the groceries. When I came back in the room…there were no kids…but there was this.




At least they put up a few of the groceries before they were sidetracked by whatever that is.

Numero FO:

Remember muh awesome jewelry board I made?

I came into the bathroom the other day to see this:



And this:



I was like…uuuuh…what?

I had no clue what weirdo was responsible for it…just took them off and went about my merry little way.

Then the next day this happened:



Obviously at this point I knew  who the perpetrator was.

I asked her why she hung her clothes on my jewelry board and her response…..

Wait for it….this is good…

“Well you told me not to throw my clothes on the floor”

Let’s review:



*double sigh*





No words.




I have NO idea what this is all about.

I’m just glad I turned the light on & looked before I sat down to do muh bidnez.

Seventy hundred:


Here’s G at his V-Day party. The little girl tried for a whole 2 minutes to get him to acknowledge me.

Hey Garridon there’s your mom. It’s your mom Garridon! Look! Look right there!

Yes…my son randomly ignores the existence of people.

It’s rather embarrassing.

He can stare right through anyone.

He’s so convincing…he can make you question if you are really there or not.




I don’t even know.

At least they are being weird together this time.




Don’t ever let your kids make their own waffles.

That’s enough for now..I’m starting to feel a little weird about having little weirdo kids. Like maybe they get their weirdness from their me.


They get it from their father.




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