Muh life long battle with muhself

(Random updates at bottom)

I’ve pretty much been overweight my whole life.

My beautiful Grandma holding me

My beautiful Grandma holding me

Not like obese..but pretty much a chubs from day one.

Always a cake lovin fat kid!

Always a cake lovin fat kid!

As far back as I can remember…(prob 3rd grade) I would dream of the day I would be skinny/ normal. I always included it in my prayers. ALWAYS. Even to this day.

3rd grade

3rd grade

This is me in 4th Grade

This is me in 4th Grade

I never really developed a taste for fruits & vegetables and my parents never really enforced it anyway. I grew up on a diet of processed foods. I was definitely a meat & potatoes kinda girl. The few fruits I actually did like..I developed an allergy to about age 9. To this day..I am allergic to fresh fruit.

I stopped wearing shorts in Middle School.

photo (70)


In high you can see I always had humungo legs

In high school…as you can see I always had humungo legs

From my senior year until about a year after I graduated…I was prob the  smallest I had ever been. (This is also the time I met Danny)

photo (83)

photo (77)

Graduation 2001

Graduation 2001

Prom 2001 My senior year

Prom 2001
My senior year


Fall 2001

Fall 2001

I used to think I was so fat then. What I wouldn’t give to have that body back! Ha!

During that time I was about 135-140 lbs.

I really started to pack on the pounds after I moved in with muh man about a year after high school. I wanted to be a good little common law wife…so I fried everything to his heart’s content. Plus less physical activity…it was a recipe for disaster.

I don’t think I have any pics from this time.

Between 2002 & 2004  I had gained about 75 LB’s.

Then add about 55 to that for my pregnancy w/ my 1st beh beh.

Delivery Day w/ Daynie

Delivery Day w/ Daynie ..269lb

After I had Miss Priss in 2005…I only lost about 40 lbs. I never made it under 230.

Daynie's 1st Bday

Daynie’s 1st Bday


Fast forward 2 years of yo yo dieting & yo yo weight…& when I  had beh beh numba two and I was 3 lbs higher than the day I had numba one.

Prego w/ G Man

Prego w/ G Man..272 lb

After my little man muffin was born in 2007..I might have lost 20-30 lbs.

Family 8



But then…it was a few years of more yo yo and then the scale finally crept up to more than the day I went into the hospital to have my second child.




In July 2010 I was desperate to shed enough weight to feel human in a wedding dress & not have triple chins in my pics.

I sucked it up & spent lots of $$$ to go to Healthy Figures…a diet place. I think I was around 274 when I started there?

I was so strict on that diet. NO CARBS. I only took the supa kick ass diet pills for the first few weeks…once my body got used to the diet..I didn’t need them. I really changed my eating in that 3 months.

My wedding day..40 lbs lighter

My wedding day..40 lbs lighter

After my wedding..I knew I should keep going and losing the weight. I WANTED to lose the rest of the weight badly…but it was such a battle. It was always something that made me start that diet over & over again. Just one cheat weekend. Then it would end up being two weeks before I started the diet again. In that time I would gain & lose. I did end up losing another 10 lbs before the end of year. I think I made it down to around 225. But it after was a constant battle of start the diet, cheat, start over…for the next two years. And so…there I was…gained the whole 50 lbs back…plus some. Worse off then when I started.

I started documenting my lifelong dieting hell on my blog September 1, 2012. Which basically just continued my yo yo lifestyle…just a documented version. You can catch up on that here.

About two weeks before I turned 30…I kind of had a FUH-REEEK out moment. And then it clicked. I started yet another diet…except this time it was different. You know when they say a person has to make their mind up…really want it…for the first time…I got it. 

When I started that shake diet the scale was at…




I did shakes twice a day & one healthy meal …for about a week…then moved to shakes & soup only. I did that for a month & a half. From Oct 16 to Thanksgiving 2012. The first two weeks were sooooo flippin hard. But my body & my mind adjusted and I got used to it.

The day after Thanksgiving I weighed…



Down 28 lbs. in that month & a half.

I was terrified of the holidays and actually eating REAL food. In the past on the no carbs diet…the minute I ate a carb the pounds stacked right back on faster than they came off.

But basically being on a liquid diet so long shrunk my stomach and I couldn’t really eat that much anyway. So I took advantage of that. I ate very little and very slow.

Still…eating food after not for so long actually made me hit a plateau. I didn’t let that discourage me. I really watched what I ate & tried to really apply small portions.

From Thanksgiving to the end of the year I only lost 10.8 lbs. BUT AT LEAST I LOST.

photo (84)


So overall…

I started at 276.4 on Oct 16, 2012 and on December 31, 2012 I was 237.6.

38.8 LB’s total.


Hells to the yeah!

That’s in 2 1/2 months people!

It’s still hard. I still struggle. But I’m on my way.

So there you have it. My life long never ending battle with myself.

It’s an everyday battle. Physically & mentally. Mostly mentally.

Blogging about it has really helped me. I feel accountable when I blog it. I feel inspired by others. I like to document & look back at my failures and/or progress.

I’ve really really really debated on whether to post my weight…post before pics..& ect. I struggled with the decision to “put it all out there” for awhile now.

I think people appreciate honesty. They like to see people being real.

Besides..I’ve always thought…people can look at ya & basically guess the number what’s the point?

The time is now.


So…here I have layed it all out.

I’m proud of the numbers. Proud they are going down. Proud how far I’ve come and how far I will go.

Thanks for being part of my journey.

All posts pertaining to my weight loss battle, food diary, & scale updates…you can find by clicking on the Project: No Mo Fat Ass button on the right side of my home page.

Update: Lordy Lordy at Least it’s Fortaaay!



Start of running….post & post


Update: Fifty Pound Post 

50 lb post

Face 50

Measurement 276 Measurement 226

25 thoughts on “Muh life long battle with muhself

  1. okay i know this sounds weird but you are a BEAUTIFUL lady!! in all your pictures of being overweight, you still look gorgeous. Now I quite honestly think that is hard to do! I am glad your weight loss is going successfully (I am definitely a health advocate) but you were beautiful before AND after!

  2. Weight management is a constant struggle for many. PLEASE don’t give up! I topped out at 230# in 2008 while in college (with no babies or any other reason for gaining 60# over the 5 years of college!). After I graduated, I easily lost 40# due to reduced stress, but I still wasn’t happy with where I was. Finally in January 2012, I decided it was time to really buckle down and JUST DO IT. With the help of a trainer, a gym regimine, and Weight Watchers, I lost 38 pounds! I was down 78# from my heaviest, and was the smallest I had EVER been!! I was a size 8!! Then my husband and I got some wonderful news! We were pregnant! I’m currently 7.5 months pregnant, and I have gained about 35# so far. Although it’s heart-breaking to gain weight back, I know what to do to get it back off! So keep doing it! Keep it up! YOU CAN DO IT!! 🙂

  3. I saw this on Semi-Homemade Mom, and wanted to come read your story!! You go, girl!! Keep on, Keepin on! 🙂 You are doing a great job of staying focused!

  4. I have a similar story, always was on the chunkier side of the scale, never ever thin. (and looking back to my early 20’s when I thought I was fat – lawdy, what I’d give to weigh that now). I’ve been struggling with infertility for the last year and its just zapped any motivation I had to get in shape, being on so many different medicine regiments which only made me put on more weight (including IVF which resulted in a very early miscarriage). Give your babies an extra squeeze today 🙂 Seeing stories like this get me so motivated! Keep up the amazing work & know your progress is motivating more people than you probably realize. {found you through Semi Homemade link party}

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  6. I’m over here from “live like Jack and Sally” and I’m so glad you guest hosted cause I think you are freaking hilarious! Also, I once wore a sweatshirt with a turtle neck….got to love 90’s fashion! lol Can’t wait to start reading your blog!

  7. You are awesome! Your progress is amazing, and I love your attitude. I’m not quite as brave as you are. I do blog about health and fitness though to keep myself motivated. I’m excited to follow the rest of your journey. 🙂

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