Muh Bill Book

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This is my kick @$$ Bill Book


And I heart it so much!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things organized. Office & school supplies make me giddy.

This is what I was working with..


It was more of a Momager.. It had everything from kids school things to meal planning.

It was great but I really needed a whole new system for our bills.

I came across this system in muh search

I ordered me some fancy smancy dividers and stuff from Office Depot online and got busy.


I made two sets of dividers… one for our fixed monthly bills and the other for credit accounts. (More on them lata)

In the front pocket I keep post it’s
for reminders & stuff.


I used these dividers to make my sections…


I printed my design on card stock and put it in the clear page protector divider. They came with clear labels for the tabs so I printed the section name on them.


In the first section Bills to Pay I put a pocket divider to hold my bills as they come in until I pay them..


The next section is Calendar and Bill Schedule


First in this section I have two lists that i can check off each month after I pay them. The first list is of my fixed monthly bills and the second page is a list of my credit accounts. I got the PDF for these lists here.


Next I have monthly calendars for the year. I like to see what is do and when..calendar style. It helps me to see it visually. Like say a bill’s due date is on the weekend. I write that bill down on the calendar to be paid on Friday. I also like to highlight a bill after I’ve paid it. I know this can be duplicative of the lists.. But it works for me. I generally find free calendars on a variety of blogs.. But this particular set came from here.



In the next two sections is where I used the dividers. Fixed Monthly Bills and Credit Accounts.


Basically, there is a tab for each bill. Once I pay the bill, I file it behind the tab.

This has corrected a lot of problems for me.. I used to take all the bills after I paid them for the month and file them in a file cabinet. This obviously lasted a hot minute because I’m so lazy busy. So they pretty much ended up thrown in a big plastic tote.. Which made it hard to find anything when I needed to refer back to it.


Now..I they are always filed as I pay them and easily accessible.

The best the end of the year.. I will just stick the whole notebook on the shelf and start over.

No need to file the stuff at the end of the year..and no digging through files or boxes when I need something.

The last section All Other is just for various misc. I also added a pocket divider in this section to hold misc…like carbon copies of checks for little stuff I pay & ect.


In the back of the binder I have this.. To ya know.. Remind me..


So that’s that.

Isn’t it beautiful?

For the PDF Bill Schedule List & the PDF 2018 Calendar…click the link to the blogs that made them.

For the covers to my sections…click the pic below to download and print them.

You’re welcome.

Bills to Pay Calendar & Bill Schedule Cover Credit Accounts Fixed Monthly Bills All OtherMedical Bills

BlankMuh Bill Book Cover

Bill Paying System


March 26, 2013

I had to move it to a bigger binder.. But I’m lovin it! This is a 3″ D ring I got off

I think this will last me the rest of the year!




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188 thoughts on “Muh Bill Book

  1. Thank you for posting this! It is awesome, just what I was looking for. And, I love the Elisabeth Elliott quote! In my quiet time yesterday I was (once again) reminded that everything we do we are to do to the glory of God. Thanks again!!!

  2. I have been looking for a way to organize my bill paying for a long time…and I am in love with your system! Thank you thank you!!! I am sooooo excited!

    ~ Buffy Goosev, AKA: Momma Goose

  3. Love this!! Thank you so much. I am super excited to get organized now when it comes to paying the bills. I was a MESS before.. this will clear things up and keep me on track! I was curious about the FONT you used. Is it one you have to download or does it come with Microsoft Word? Thank you!!

  4. I am totally in love with the organization! I do have one question, tho…..when you file bills that have been paid, is there a pocket folder behind their tab or do you just hole punch the bill? Thanks!

  5. I love the way you set this up. I am in the process of setting my book up just like yours. It will work great for me. I have downloaded all of your covers but I was wondering if you might have a blank one that I could add my own category title to? I am using yours but have found I have a couple additional I would like to add to my book and keep the same cover style.

  6. All I have to say is “You are AWESOME!!” Thanks so much for sharing this! I have tried to get better organized before and it worked for about a month! LOL I definitely will be doing this!! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for sharing your system. A suggestion to help simplify, something that I did to make my life easier. I contacted all my accounts and had the dates due changed to either the 5th of the month or the 20th of the month (most creditors are happy to work with you.) On the 1st and 15th I make my payments (all by computer), meaning all my payments are 5 days early. If the 1st or 15th is not convenient, I still have the extra days built in to take care of things. Also, when paying by computer, payments can be set up in advance, with future payment dates. I’ve done this when I’m on vacation, and during a recent hospital stay. As the payments post, print a confirmation page, attach to the invoice and file. This works for me because I am paid twice a month.

    • I never thought of that! I didn’t even know creditors would change your due date! I think that would make things way easier! I also get paid twice a month. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Finally!!!!!
    I have searched, and searched…..then searched a little more for a binder system that would work for my family! THIS IS IT! Thank you so very much!!!!!! I love this!!! xx

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  10. Thank you so much for this. My current bill organizer system is similar but was missing a few things and I didn’t know how or what they were. You have done the work and filled the gaps. Thanks again for sharing!!!

  11. Love this idea…always looking for ideas to organize things…only thing I have to worry about is that a lot of my bills now are paperless. So nothing to file in the book will just have to do the check off sheets for those ones.

  12. I love this and it would be such a blessing to me, but will need some help putting it together. Are you up for creating one and sending it to me complete and ready to use? I would be happy to pay you for doing this for me!

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  14. Thank You!!!! I just started organizing our house and realized our billing/filing system is a mess. This will help out tremendously! So simple and takes up little room.

  15. This way better than my system!! I had the same problem you did. I filed all of my bills into a filing box and well….mine too stayed together for all of a minute. Now I have bills stashed here, there and everywhere on my desk! I’m definitely going to be trying this!!

  16. Absolutely love this!! I currently use an excel spreadsheet, but sometimes feel that I’m trust technology too much and with way too much of my information. Would love to win this book, but if not…I’ll be creating one of my own!!

  17. I’m in love with this! I love organization and have my own binder now but after seeing yours realized that mine wasn’t nearly as easy and helpful. Thanks so much for posting! I was wondering how you edited the bill pdf on the computer?
    Also, how you printed your tabs with the same font? Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  18. Love this..I have been trying to get more organized with my life and this inspired me b/c i love the designs and how neat it is.

  19. I would absolutely love to win this! I am an engaged mommy with a wonderful family though I am the only one working. This would help us out tremendously!

  20. Great blog post, I found via Pinterest. I am no Suzie-homemaker (that would be my sister-in-law). But I think I can blow her out of the water by putting together a couple of these for Mothers Day gifts – one to her, one for my mom, and of ocurse one for me. The geek in me is excited to hit the supply store.

  21. I found you on Pinterest, I didn’t even know you were doing a giveaway! haha. I was just trying to find a new way to keep track of our bills and such. I’m glad i found you, thanks!

  22. such a great idea! my husband usually handles our bills, but i know he gets frustrated organizing it all. maybe i will pull together a binder like this to surprise him!

  23. absolutely love this! Who says something as not-fun as bill paying can’t have some style?! Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. This is fabulous!! My fiance and I are getting married in August and I would LOVE to start off our marriage with one of these. Perfection!

  25. This is so freaking awesome! I totally need this! and it would come in the perfect time when I have time to do my bills/business finances! So exciting to have over 65k views as well…congrats!

  26. I just went and looked at the American Girl Party….and you are a Rockstar Mom. What a fun birthday party for Daynie! I loved how it seemed that all the girls had their “best friend” with them. The matching party favors I think is my favorite! Now I feel like I need an AG birthday party!

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  28. i LOVE this, and i will be making one very soon (: but can someone tell me what font she used to label each section of the binder? thank youuu

  29. Oh my word. This is 2013! I pay all my bills online. I have an excel worksheet with web sites, logins and passwords, etc. column for each month, date paid and amount. No more paper.

    • I pay almost all my bills online too. BUT I am a visual person and need to see everything in front of me. I want to receive the bill in the mail, pay it online (or write a check) and staple the confirmation page to the bill & file it. Then I have all my paperwork in one place.

      • I understand this need to feel and see that paper, but I am trying to get past that. Just more stuff to manage and eventually get rid of. Whatever makes comfortable is what works.

  30. While most of my bills are paid off right now, I do have to say that this system is amazing, and wonderfully organized. I wish I had found it earlier!

  31. Love this system! Finally got my binder put together and can already tell how much more organized bill paying and filing will be! Thank you for the step by step details! πŸ™‚

  32. I seriously want this book!! You are amazing to put this together! Im getting ready to have our first child, due anytime and this would just be so helpful to have to keep things organized oh how 19 days can’t be soon enough to find out who wins it!

  33. This is exactly what I needed. I’m moving out for the first time and now I’ll be happy to start off organized! Thank you so much!

  34. This is amazing! It would help me with my finances SO much! I hope I win one… but even if I don’t I will be making one!

  35. Out of all the Bill Paying systems I have found on Pinterest…this is the most “realistic” version I have found. Besides that…I love the vibrant colors and the chevron design! (^_^)

  36. Found your post through Pinterest. Happy I did πŸ™‚ I thought I was the only one that got giddy over school and office supplies! I love this post! I used to have a notebook much like this but haven’t in a while and it got very outdated and wasn’t working out very well anymore. Thank you for sharing your methods; I’m sure they will be put to good use! Also, totally linking you on my blog page <3

  37. I would your planner πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I moving in together.. I want to start planning out life together organized and make sure that we have a future together. We are both planning to move Utah.

  38. I’m a brain injury patient and constantly get frustrated because I can’t keep everything organized and lose things. This would help me so much but I can’t put it together myself….diections are soooo hard to follow with my memory issue.

  39. Are you filing your bills in a page protector? Or some kind of folder? I’m buying my binder now, insertable tab dividers, and looking for a pocket for the front… just not sure what type of thing the bills go in after they’re paid.

    Another question- do you get all your bills mailed to you physically? Or do you print them off?

    • I don’t file the bills in page protectors. I just punch holes in them & file behind the appropriate divider.
      Yes all my bills are mailed to me. I am a bit old fashioned in that way. I like to recieve an actual paper bill in the mail. I still pay it online & print out the confirmation page though.

  40. I would like to know how you made the templates with all the fancy designs. How did you start everything from the beginning. I love yours but would like to make something similar with different bills. If you could give me some kinda direction I would greatly appreciate it

    • The chevron title pages I designed myself in Paint Shop Pro X12. The dividers come with their own printable labels. I downloaded a font I liked off of and printed them off using the labels that came with them. The templates for the labels are downloaded off of Avery website.

  41. This looks like a great way to organize a monthly budget. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Dave Ramsey system, but I wonder how well this would work incorporated with that

    • I did read Dave’s book years ago…I love him!
      He has some great printable a on his website that could be printed and added to the front of binder.

  42. This is awesome and I can’t wait to print it and use it in my home as well. I love having everything in one place!

  43. Absolutely LOVE this and being organized!!! I printed the multiple pages tonight and started to put together the binder. Is there any way you could post an additional blank page where people can write in categories they may want to add? I love the colors and design of the pages you have created!

  44. Yay! You just gave me a new reason to go to the office supply store! I was that kid who couldn’t wait to go ‘back to school’ shopping for folders, pens, etc. I think I love you! Lol!

  45. This is so awesome! I’m getting married in a few months and this is going to be so helpful when we combined all of our bills.. Is a great way to start off our marriage organized.. And if you ask my fiancΓ© he will tell you being organized is hugeeeee for me.. Thanks so much.. I can’t wait to read your other posts

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  47. Thank you for sharing this wonderful system! I do have a question/favor to ask. I don’t really have Credit Card debts, but we do have a lot of medical bills (twin boys mean lots of trips to the doctor). I am wondering and hoping that you would be willing to either offer a blank download that I can fill in “Medical Bills”, or have you make one and allow me to download it… I have all of the other downloads, dividers etc., and that is the only part that didn’t fit my needs. I would love to have it all match. I’m sure you can understand that. If it’s too much trouble, I totally understand. You have already given me so much with this great system.
    Thank you again πŸ™‚

  48. Thank you so much for this awesome system! Your printouts are so colorful and fun! This is exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait to assemble my binder!

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  50. Well this is a must have for me! I will have time to get this started before June begins. I love binders for organization and you have taken this to a whole new experience. Thank you so much!

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  52. I think this is just AMAZING! My life is so unorganized and we’re planning on purchasing our first house,and this would so help me life! you’re an inspiration and keep up the awesome work!

  53. Oh how I wish I used this years ago! The good news is, Its never too late!!! Thank you for taking so much of your time to share something so valuable.

  54. I love your binder system!!!! I’ve tried starting a binder on my own, but it doesn’t look as neat and organized as your binder (I don’t have a printer). I would LOVE to win one because when I set my mind on doing something it has to be perfect (just a little OCD… lol). Thank you for sharing your organizational skills! πŸ™‚

    • Email me your address and I will print you the cover sheets and drop them in the mail. SHHH…don’t tell anyone…I can’t be printing all day! LOL

  55. ok…here it goes! I’ve printed the cover sheets, the annual bill schedule and my calendar months… going shopping for my binder and dividers….I’m excited, I hope I have everything!

  56. Thank you so much for this great book!!! At 63, I still have paper all over my desk…but no more. The supplies are on order and I have printed everything I need. Someone mentioned a paperless system. I prefer a paper record. In the event the grid were to crash, I want access to the records. There are no guarantees. This makes it easy for income taxes, business record payment and gathering records for different situations (home buying). I’m making extra books for others as Christmas gifts. Thanks again!

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  58. Love this book, i’m printing out the labels as I type this! Not sure about the American girl party….. haha but here is my comment. πŸ™‚ I SUPER hope I win!

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  61. I wish i could be as organized as you UGH πŸ™‚ i always look for new ways and ideas to at least get inspired to have it down like this thank you so much for sharing and the links you give THANK YOU hehe keep it up!! I love this so much and we all appreciate it !!

  62. This is AMAZING! I love organizing, but with papers… well they are usually all over the desk or in large stacks! My twin girls love the pretty designs! Thank you for sharing this and can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is!!! (: Love it!

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  65. I would love this!!!! I’ve been looking for something that would make the bill-paying process so much easier, and more organized!! lol I believe I have found it! I would love to win this!!!

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  68. Are you still doing a give away !!! this is so great !!!! Im such an organizized freak i would LOVE thissss!!!!

  69. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bill book!! This would be soooo helpful for my household!!! Your binder is thee ONLY binder that I’ve come across where it fits all my needs!! I pray I win!!!
    But I pray nothing but the best for you and your family! So glad that you started this blog, it’s needed!! <3

  70. Love love love this..just rounding my items up together to make this…but I need 2015 calendars πŸ™‚ is there a link for 2015?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  71. I love this! Especially the “put it on the shelf at the end of the year” part. Fits right in with my hatred of filing as well! Thank you for creating and sharing this brilliance. πŸ™‚

  72. I wish I had the talent and the patients to actually make a binder! My bill organization consists of a magnetic calendar and bills on the fridge.

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  75. Love the idea!
    However, you really should work on your English/grammar/slang usage though imho..this post was rather difficult to read. What are “muh” & “lata”? And, btw, queen bee is also slang for major b*tch πŸ˜‰ have a nice day!

  76. I have tried bill organization like this before but just never seemed to work for me and my bills eventually ended up shoved in a drawer or on fridge which in turn led to paying them late which leads to late fees. I didn’t even realize what my binder was missing or how I needed to set things up for it to be easy and organized until I seen yours!!!! Thank You so much , this has truly been a blessing …..

  77. Totally love the binder, printables, everything…I have something similar, but streamlining it will be wonderful. I can’t figure out how to print the sections in color (I know there is color ink because I just printed calendars with all the colors from the rainbow). I am probably just not downloading correctly. Please someone help if you can! Thanks!

    And I’d just like to say “Anonymous” on Sept 10th…I think YOU need to figure out how to read slang and fun posts! You really can’t figure out “muh” and “lata”? Where are you from? Just sayin’…

    Thanks again for the awesome printables and the whole idea. Just need to get them printed in color. It’s SO much more fun!! Will be checking out your other posts and pinterest stuff!

  78. I pinned this 2 years ago. It seriously changed my life! I haven’t been late with any of our payments since. I have a binder similar to the one you made and I use my checklist every month. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing such a useful way to put everything in one place!

  79. Do you know when you will have 2016 calendars available? I really like the 2015 one, but of course I need 2016 now.

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