Mondays. Ugh.

My yesterday sucked.

If you follow my may have seen this:

In the little guy’s defense…there actually was something wrong with him & we did end up here:

That’s pretty much how my Monday started.

I woke up at 4:45 A to the stupid M to go to the track & get my fat girl bounce on… and I couldn’t move. Let me rephrase that. Every single stinkin move I made made me feel like a gorilla was grabbing my muscle & twisting Indian burn style.

All the result of the Dirty Girl Mud Run I did Saturday with muh girls:

So I may be a little a lot outta shape. And still way the hell overweight. But I got myself out there & rocked the shit outta that race! We had a blast! Seriously the most fun I’ve had in a long time! You can see some of that fun by searching my custom trademarked hashtag: #roadtrippitytribe on Instagram.

So I layed back down until D-Man yelled at me a whole lot to get outta the bed & take care of our rotten spawns.

Womp Wommmp.

And so it began.


And the first thing…






After posting how awesome I was doing on Friday…Obvi my body wanted to say eff you just like my morning was and punish me for my weekend of fun.

I was not expecting to have to take off work to deal with my just put me further behind at work where I’m supposed to be closing my month out.

After a hellacious morning and maybe a eff you text or two thrown around….my day got better when I got to stuff face hole with my beloved tacos from Frank-N-Burger after the doctor.

Yum to the yummidy yum.

Thank you Lord for that.

Then I ran back to work…did a few things…grabbed deposits from all the companies…and headed to the bank.

After the bank I spent a buttload of $$$ for my bedwettin kid a new mattress AND an EIGHTY EFFIN DOLLAR cover.



The kid soaks through a Pull-Up. From the day I brought him home from the hospital he has soaked through every diaper known to man. I wash bedding damn near everyday. I can’t wait til that kid grows out of it. I’ll probably buy him a damn pony.

The weirdest part? The kid was ape shit excited over getting a new mattress. He even made his bed. WTH?

The evening consisted of a lot more runnin round like crazy.

I was very excited at Miss Priss’s twirling practice though! That girl has been workin hard to get her stuff down! Seeing how far she has come and how awesome she is doing puts a big fat grin across my face! I’m so proud of her!

After twirl I grabbed the kids some food & rushed to their gym practice. G was already there for his 4 o clock class. I did get to work out on some nautical machines while the kids were at gym. Yayeah! Then I had to sit through a parents meeting & take notes like the good little secretary I’m pretending to be. Booo.

We got home about 8:30 & did the nightime rush of homework, baths, make lunches, lay out clothes, & ect ect ect. FREAKIN ECT.

My life is so crazy busy these days. Sometimes I’m cool with it…but most of the time I’m not. It’s hard to enjoy it when you have that much. My head always feels crazy. Plus it just make life go too fast.

I saw this on a fellow bloggers IG & I was like Hell to the Yeah!


So.. this Tuesday morning is a little more chill. My morning went better with the sweet babies.

I didn’t make it to the track. It was cold as hell & I can’t deal. But I plan to get up there this afternoon.

The scale still hates me this morning and karma totally got me back for my eff you’s from yesterday.

Scale: Eff you Nina!

Scale: Eff you Nina!

and to top it off….I REALLY want a cupcake.

Like REALLY REALLY bad throw a damn hissy fit give me a cupcake NOW!

But I’m not frettin. NOPE. Not ganna do it.

Because while I was truckin along gettin my month closed at work..I glanced over at my overloaded blog roll at one of muh favs & saw this…


Made. My. Day.

Life: (side eye) Back the eff up. I got this.


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