Monday…the world as hardcore blogsters know it….will end.

So..Monday is the day.

Google Reader will be gone forever.

Here’s a repost of how to get your stuff switched to Bloglovin so you can keep up with my awesomeness….

So…in case you haven’t heard the news yet….




That’s right…for only the Google Gods know what reason…but your reader is ganna be GONE!

Thaz ok though! I gotcha covered!

I’ve never been a fan anyway. My heart has always belonged to BlogLovin!



On your main page of bloglovin you can… search for and follow your favorite blogs, categorize them however you like and read all unread posts either by date posted, category or blog name. One feature I like is being able to scroll through snapshots of posts from the main page. Then I can choose to click it and read it…or if it doesn’t strike muh fancy…I just hit Mark as read. And the BEST thing…you can comment on blog posts from Blog Lovin! Not like that jacked up reader that gets ya all crazy & turned around trying to comment.



Guess what?!

You can also import all the blogs you currently follow with Google Reader to bloglovin!!

Easy Peasy!  Just click here to get that done.

If you’re not on Google Reader or Blog Lovin…you REALLLLLLY need to check bloglovin out. It makes following your fav blogs easy as pie! Like sooo seriously.  I have the app on my phone so I can catch up when I’m at my kids baseball/softball/twirling practice…or riding shotgun with Dan the Man. I also like to read them first thing in the morning when I get to work. I have the little bloglovin icon on my toolbar and a little number will pop up on it showing how many new posts there are.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!…..once you get all signed up, settled, and really start diggin the bloglovin atmosphere…..FOLLOW ME!!!

Follow on Bloglovin



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