Meth heads, Cigarette Lungs, and 50 year old Pedophiles…

Daynie begs me on the daily for internet or texting on her phone. (she doesn’t have a phone…my kids have our old phones with no service that we make them call “iPods”)

Poor kid…she will probably be the last kid in her grade to have a phone with internet…if she ever gets it.


Yes..I’m one of THOSE moms.

I know the world is a-changing and kids with phones and Instagrams and Facebooks is now the norm….but I’m just not down yet.


Believe me…my kids are in no way deprived.  $100 pair of Miss Me’s because all the girls have them? DONE. Retarded crazy band loom kit because all the kids at school play with them at recess? NO PROB.

Unlimited unsupervised access to the Devil’s realm aka the internet? NO WAY JOSE.


Nope. Not gonna happen.

There’s a whole lotta kids at Daynie’s school and in her grade that have phones or iPods with access to the internet. And judging by what I’ve seen….a whole lot unsupervised.

She has a couple of friends that actually follow ME on Instagram.  They are actually some of the first to “like” my stuff. And if you follow me you totally know I have NO FILTER.

I don’t believe I should have to censor myself because their parents don’t monitor who they follow. My Instagram is an extension of my blog. ON THE INTERNET. These kids in real life have never heard me say a cuss word. If they are following me doing or saying GROWN UP things on the internet…that is the responsibility of the parents…not me.

Side not then off my rant….I actually never think twice when I post…I just post whatever I feel because it’s MY IG….except one time back at Christmas…there was  this funny eCard.


I went to post it on my IG and actually stopped myself because I knew some of Daynie’s friends followed me and I didn’t want to ruin the magic of Christmas & Santa & the elves for them.  LOLOLOL.

See the logic there? I don’t give a shit about cussing and letting my crazy fly but I’m sure as hell not going to ruin that damn elf for them. Hahahaha.

Back to the internets. My kids “iPads” & iPods are locked down like prison. Disney & Temple Run are as cool as they get.

For all you folks with a little older kids…you REALLY need to check out this article on dangerous apps.


Most apps seem so harmless….and being immature little humans…they don’t understand the gravity of these situations. That’s why it’s our job as parents to be on top of this shit and monitor the hell out of our kids and their stuff!

Like Instagram…seems so simple & legit….I see these teeny boppers that have like 2500 followers. Ummm…WTH??!!?? How do I get some followage like that?? But for real…they can’t possibly know that many people. Little do they know…that hot boy from the next town over that keeps DMing them is really a 50 year old loser pedophile in his mom’s basement using that fake profile to gain access to them.


Are parents even cautioning their kids about this stuff?

I mean damn…I’m shoving before and after pics of meth heads and cigarette lungs in my kids faces every other dang day…




by the time they actually get access to the internet (prob around when they are 21) they will be so sick of me in their ear telling them all the bad stuff they will probably just hand their phones over and say just forget it…we’re sick of listening to you…I’ll go to the library and do my book report on World War III.



What’s a card catalog again?

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4 thoughts on “Meth heads, Cigarette Lungs, and 50 year old Pedophiles…

  1. Hello, it’s an interesting post and I agree more parents need to not give into kids demands at every moment. However I must ask you change the word “retarded” because it doesn’t set a good example for your kids. There are other words you can use such as lame, stupid, both being equally effective and not so offensive to a specific group people. Tolerance is an important lesson that you can pass into your kids.

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