Mad Knitter’s Tea Party

Food table had cute little saying I found online and designed prints for.



My brother was in charge of making the pinwheels.



He was late.


As my mom was walking in…he was cutting them to put on trays.




As you can see I wasn’t amused at his tardiness. Or the fact that I didn’t get a picture of the complete table because the party had already started & everyone was already digging in.



So just imagine these pinwheel trays in the whole table pic.


These he made honey and peanut butter so they wouldn’t cut.



DSC_0130IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112


We had a little over 40 people in attendance…that’s a lot of people in my house!

DSC_0217 IMG_0179

The blanket my mom made. The balls of yarn were hers I took from her house. The crocheted doll I found at Goodwill and glued her pic to the face. I made the sign.


This is my dining room.




When I was at my mom’s house I grabbed as many pic of her as I could. Instead of scanning each one, I took a picture of them, one at a time, with my phone. Then I could download them all at once to the computer and print them all at once. It saved so much time!  These are all glued to a cardboard box that I nailed to the wall.

IMG_0095DSC_0176 DSC_0177


This is probably my favorite table setting.





I hot glued the wiggly eyes on all the flowers myself. All the flowers with eyes are from Dollar General. The big tea cup I actually have had for a long time. I bought it years ago to use as a photography prop. The mushroom arrangement inside of it came from Goodwill and I just stuck the flowers in it. All the knitted butterflies randomly placed are from eBay.



The arrows I found online & printed myself.  Rabbit in a top hat I got for $1 at Trades DayIMG_0097




Mini knitted cupcakes are from Etsy and the layered strawberry cake thing from Brookshires.



The knitted sandwich I found on Ebay.


All the fruit, except the choc strawberries are from HERE.





All the big cupcakes are YUMS from Brookshires. The mini red velvet are from Walmart.


My sister was in charge of the tea. That’s her dispenser, which I LOVE! Not sure where she got it.  The cups on the left that have the little handles are from Zulily. I’ve seen them  a few places online but they were CRAZY expensive. One day they just popped up on Zulily so I snagged them! The cups on the right are from

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

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One thought on “Mad Knitter’s Tea Party

  1. ….and what a day it was !!!!! I have never seen SSSOOOOO much time and effort put into an event !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to Nina, Tricia, Gary, and Karen for everything….. it was a day I will truly remember. And kudos to Nina for being patient enough to provide links to all her suppliers !!!!

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