Mad Knitter’s Tea Party

CAUTION! This is LONG, lengthy post with LOTS of photos! I had to break it up into several pages (6 total) so when you get to the bottom just hit the next number to go to the next page!




This was one of the most fun, time consuming, & creative parties I’ve thrown to date! I have wanted to do the Alice in Wonderland “Tea Party” theme for a long time. This party was a fun little twist off that. My mom knits & crochets and has been a long time tea lover so I thought it would be fun to mix it up and have a fun theme!

I went to every Goodwill, antique store,  & flea market in East Texas to find as many old tea cups & saucers that I could.


I think peeling the little stickers off & hand washing them all took longer than actually hunting them down!


I raided my mom’s house while she was out of town and grabbed some of her half made blankets to use as table runners.


Most of the tea cups & saucers were kind of plain, so I picked up some spray paint at Walmart & got busy making them more fun!

IMG_8888IMG_0027 IMG_0028


Of course, I designed the invites myself and then just printed them on card stock.



I was SO excited to throw this party for my mom’s 60th birthday!



I got most of the stuff hanging from Goodwill. The hat hanging to the left was off Ebay, as well as the flower vest my mom put on.


The rose & flower hair clip came from a little girl at my daughter’s school. Her mom makes them & she was selling them at school. The bow ties had safety pins on the back for the guys to wear. I had a woman on Etsy make them for me. You can find her shop here.


This straw hat was from Goodwill…I hot glued yarn to it to make it a “crazy knitter’s hat”



Then, before my mom came inside I made her put on the vest & hat and then told her to go in. She’s pretty go with the flow, so she just did it and didn’t ask any questions. She’s fun like that.





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One thought on “Mad Knitter’s Tea Party

  1. ….and what a day it was !!!!! I have never seen SSSOOOOO much time and effort put into an event !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to Nina, Tricia, Gary, and Karen for everything….. it was a day I will truly remember. And kudos to Nina for being patient enough to provide links to all her suppliers !!!!

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