Lordy Lordy at least it’s FORTAYYY..

I’m friggin stuck.

At FORTAYYY ell be’s.

And it’s nobody’s fault but my muh own.

Although I haven’t completely reverted back to my old ways by stuffing my face…I haven’t exactly been eating the most healthy low cal stuff either.


Soo.. I have only lost a couple pounds so far this month.

But at least I’ve lost & not gained!


I wanted to do a big ol post with some be-fo & after pics when I hit 5-0 lost.


But since I’m on a bit of a plateau.. I’m going to post some now for motivation.

This is what FORTAYYY ell be’s lighter looks like.




Excuse the scary toes..muh pedi is wayyy overdue!

I can see the biggest change in my face. My clothes are much looser. Plus.. I feel a lot better! Much more energy!

Now I need to get muh butt in gear and get out of this slump.


Soo here it is..


Starting today..


No mo fast food.


Count dem cals.


Up the water intake. (From zero to at least one bottle a day)



Step up the Betty Crocker shit..Cook a semi-healthy dinner every night during the week.. No eating out or fast food.

So it may not be an extreme re-jump start like the shake diet….


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7 thoughts on “Lordy Lordy at least it’s FORTAYYY..

  1. What’s your username on My Fitness Pal…I’d love to add you as a friend so we can help each other along our weight loss journeys?

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