Life ’round here…

I’ve had a hellof a weekend…but we rocked it 🙂

After being sick last week I was happy to feel back to awesome by Friday. Danny & I hit up the ONLY place to go if you don’t go Mexican…Olive Garden…while the kids were at gym.

It was sooo nice to have an hour to just sit & enjoy a quiet dinner with my guy.

Then after the kids practice my friend & I packed the car for a late night trip to Wally World for competition makeup!

photo (2)

Saturday morning started our crazy busy weekend!

A.M. both my kids had to perform in a little competition at the gym for Team while I worked the door. They were so excited! They did great too!

It was Daynie & her partner’s first time performing..they had some minor hiccups…they tried to put their rolls into the wrong place and caught theirself..and they were going too fast & didn’t hold some skills….but overall did great!

Garridon & his partner are just too cute. She is full of sass! They were a bit nervous since this was their first time performing too!





After that G went with his BFF…PJ, for the afternoon…

….while Daynie, A, & I headed to Dallas for Daynie’s first twirl comp of the season.

photo (3)




Thanks to a sweet friend that gave us some eye shadow that matched PERFECT!



Dontcha just LOVE her team twirl outfit??


These girls ROCK them too!

In her team twirl she is front row 2nd from right


She got 2nd for her solo & team got 1st 🙂


I am SO SO SO proud of my girl! She amazes me everyday! I was laying in bed last night thinking about how she set her goals & worked hard and I had to look for some comparison pics…


5 MONTHS ya’ll!!!

And what have I been doing all that time???

Staying the same.

Seeing that photo & my child’s progress has inspired me to get back into making stuff happen for my weight loss.

I start today 🙂

Saturday night we made it home from Dallas at midnight…then I got up Sunday morning & headed to work.

After working all day I went home to eat a burger cooked by Danny & relax on the couch.

Home Sweet Home.

My most very favorite place!

So there’s my crazy busy weekend…it pretty much sums up my life! But I love & cherish every minute!

I am SO SO SO blessed!

And Monday….well ya know…Monday speaks for itself…



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