Let’s do this…

So…I signed up for Mama Laughlin’s DietBet.


Hopefully the idea of losing my money will get me motivated.

My goal is to at least make my money back.

In case you are new to the whole Diet Bet thing…you only have to lose 4% of your starting weight to make your bet money back. Then at the end of the game…everyone who did that splits the pot.

I’m banking on the fact that over half these folk will flake out halfway through.


People are allll about that lifestyle change on Jan 1. But two weeks in…it’s but a mere memory.


So..here’s to hoping I can stick with it this year. I got my plan laid out which includes a little bit of accountability…starting with this Diet Bet thing. So..let’s do this.



Click the link at the top of the post to join me!…or leave your email & I will send you an invitation!

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