Ladies and Gentleman..I have officially arrived.

This is one for the history books folks. Seriously a monumental day for The Nina Show.


Yesterday…. I emailed Daynie’s teacher about something and she displayed it on the smart board and Daynie said she knew it was from me because it said…”Nina Edwards Famous Blogger” and had my picture. I was freaking out..bc I emailed her from my personal email that has nothing to do with my blog…so I tried to google what Daynie said to see why it would come up that way and this is what I found….


Hells to the yeah people!

Remember when I guest posted back in September for Tim Bob & I announced my goal to have my very own thread on GOMI?




Bam Bitches. Check that shit off the list.




I wanna give out a huge thank you to NotAgain aka: Laura…who is or is not really me…for making this all possible!




I think I’ll start a thread about bitches who can’t get their shit together on hate posts and overcompensate with really detailed explanations for attention.

BTW “Laura”- I totally paid off  PP…I will have your IP address & GPS coordinates momentarily. Then I will go to you so we can take some awesome bathroom double selfie shots together.  We will shut alllll the hatas up by proving we are not one in the same. And you can finally get the cred you so badly want for starting the thread!

You know I was under the impression that only people that liked me & my pure awesomeness read my blog & stalked my social media….hmmmm…now that I know people that can’t stand me totally keep up with me on the daily…I will try to be more considerate of what you want from my blog.


Haters or lovers…in the end you are alllll fans! You run my numbers up either way…and for that I thank you. And whether you are sharing my rad stuff on Pinterest or hatin away on GOMI…ya keep muh name in ya mouths and that just makes me more famous yo! #keepmetrendingbitches


But to be totally honest…I blog for ME.

IF ya like me ya like me if ya don’t ya don’t. I’m going to be authentic no matter what.


Keep hatin ya’ll! And thanks for providing me with juicy content for today’s post & a great idea for muh IG giveaway!

To say I’m excited to FINALLY have my own thread on GOMI is the understatement of the century!!

I’m just like a Kardashian now…so famous I have haters!  Watch out E!…here I come!

ps..ya’ll REALLY know a lot about my little blogosphere of bloggin buddies…we must be like you’re own real life realty show fix.  yayy us!   lame you.

pss…everyone else…if you are wondering if I responded…of course…I am me right.



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3 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentleman..I have officially arrived.

  1. wow! why does she read your blog if she hates that much. I personally love your gansta talk, smarty pants comments etc…..They totally make my day.

    • That’s what I’m trying to figure out! Everyone of the people commenting on that thread know A WHOLE LOT about me, my blog, & my social media. Like they had to spend SOME TIME to gather all that info. They kind of make themselves look crazy…if you detest someone that intensely..then why immerse yourself in them?

      I guess I never thought of it as gangsta talk?? LoL..I just throw all kinds of fun talk in there just to change it up. It’s totes obvs I don’t talk like that in real life yo.

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