Karate Chop

Two Mondays ago the kids started Karate (or Karate Chop as Garridon calls it)
They were super excited to try karate.. And pretty much over it by the end of the first class. I think they thought it would be more like tv. Daynie kept looking back at me and mouthing the words Get me out of here! and after the class they both said they hated it and wanted to quit! Of course I was pretty ticked bc of all the money I just spent for the class and uniforms. Daynie was whining her arms hurt and shoulders hurt and everything hurt! Lol! But they did also spend the whole day at gymnastics camp and were already tired.
I thought seriously about asking for a refund.. But decided to make the kids try it for at least three more weeks to give it a fair chance. Plus..I really wanted Garridon to stay in it and get to hang out with his best friend this summer

So this last Monday (2nd class) they got to wear their uniforms for the first time so that was pretty exciting. And totally adorable.

The kids actually did much better! They could follow a little better this time and were much more engaged. Daynie did really good!

Jaggar’s mom and I sat laughing at the boys the whole time. The instructors spent A LOT of time correcting them and making them stop talking. (the instructors are hard core discipline and pretty intimidating.. EXACTLY what my kids need!!! Lol)

Garridon was so stiff and hardly moved like he was afraid to do the wrong thing…  and jaggar.. Well.. Lol.. He was the opposite. Ha ha! But I think they both did great and kept up well for their age and being new at it. Plus an hour of the same moves over and over is a lot for little ones. So I was very impressed! At one point the instructor walked over and corrected Jaggar for something and Garridon thought it was funny.. And that sent Garridon into the giggles! He couldn’t stop laughing and it was so funny!

They all had smiles when the class was over! They did so good and and had fun.. I was glad I didn’t let them quit!

Then we got into the car and Daynie said…so we just have to go to two more classes and then we can quit right?

Oh my! That child!

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