Just a tiny little weigh in / check in…

Monday I was 230.6 and Tuesday 229.2

1.4 lbs on day one..I’m okay with that.

Wed  0.8 lbs




Thur 1.2 lbs




Fri down 0.4 lbs….a little sad but I have to remember the big picture…3.8 lost since Fri.



On my food I’ve tried to stick with meat & eggs and a little salad. PROTEIN.

Mostly I just cut out all the junk. Snacking all day, SWEETS, junk food, FAST FOOD.

As long as I see the numbers going down each day it motivates me to keep going.

I’ve GOTTA get to working out again.

And also…who knows if I can stay strong this weekend!! Weekends are the hardest! And this weekend I’m going to partayy it up with muh friend!

This one:



It’s her 30th B Day & we’re ganna party like it’s 2001!!!!

To keep up with muh  Insta-awesomess….follow me on Insta Gram:  mommy_edwards

So there’s my little update… & I leave you with this…



You’re welcome.

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