Just a little Valentine’s Decor…

I love to add a little splash of whatever holiday it is to my decor..and I think sometimes we forget about V-Day.


At work, I actually took all the red & silver candy left over from Christmas & filled these clear vases for some instant decoration!


I turned the little red Santa tin around so you couldn’t see the buckle and filled it with red & white peppermints leftover from Christmas.  I then went on The Google & snagged me a free printable…stuck it in a simple $1 frame…and now I have a cute little Valentines Display 🙂



At home..I have this lovely plate rack that I used as my little Holiday display. I keep all my printables in the frames year round so I’m not searching for them next year.





I also grabbed a couple $1 frames to put here:





I’m SO delighted with my easy, simple decorations!


Here’s the free printables I used (I got all of the off The Google). You can right click and hit open in a new tab…then in the new tab right click and choose save or print.

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ALL-YOU-NEED-IS-LOVE-8x10 Love-Black-White-Gold-8x10

How do you like to decorate for Valentines??


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