Just a few things…

First of all..

These idiots were outside Best Buy today..


I heard they were there yesterday…
and I heard they are there for the the 40″ $179 tv.
and I heard its a whole family of idiots camping out.

Umm ok.

It seems to me if a whole family can take 4 days off of work (assuming they work) and afford a big ass tent like that and the whole campsite shebang..

Then maybe.. Just maybe.. They can afford to pay the extra $200 they would be saving on the tv.

Personally I just think they are trying to get on the news. And they’re idiots.


I was on Daynie’s field trip the other day when I came across this in the bathroom:


Just a thought..

If you don’t already know that is a diaper changing table.. Maybe… Just maybe.. You have no business changing a baby’s diaper. Just sayin.


Like father, like son.


Right in the middle of the floor/ doorway, right next to the basket.

This is my life.


As I was waiting on the buses to arrive at Daynies field trip.. I pulled up and parked next to grandma and grandpa.


And for over 30 minutes they never looked up from their phones.

O. M. G.

Fifth..Over achieving soccer moms at Garridon’s Thanksgiving feast…


Get. A. Job.




Why oh why am I the only one in the house that can throw this stuff away?

This is my life.


I know I’m not the only one that finds McCreepy’s Wally World purchases amusing.


Yes that’s a Furby he is checking out with his lifetime supply of TV dinners and pot pies..thankfully he remembered his 4 cases of diet cokes (they are in the buggy) to take his 4 bottles of Nutritional supplements with.


Not only did the guy fixing our security cameras at work dump alll these giant humungo life savers on our shelf while he was working..


He left them there when he left.


Do hash tags work in blog posts?



Yes that’s Jesus looking up to Elvis who is checking out Marge Simpson.

Classy product placement.



These are the things I am compelled to take pictures of.

these 6 decorative toilet flower pots at someone’s driveway entrance..


Yes.. I said SIX people!

And I leave you with warm fuzzy thoughts of Christmas..


Because nothing gets you in the mood for the holidays like convicts putting up the town Christmas Tree!

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