I was going through my draft posts & found this one that I started exactly one year ago on July 28, 2012. I had started it & never finished or published it. Sooo here ya go…LOL…a full year later…here is the unfinished post!  Oh yeah…the pic with me in it is TOTES CRAY CRAY! I don’t even recognize that person!


This is the first vaca I didn’t bring a camera!

I took all pics with my iPhone/BFF

Although I used my phone for all pictchas… I tried not to be on it otherwise. Especially at the parks or when sitting down for meals. It aggravates me to be at dinner and look around & everyone is looking at their phones & not being completely with the people they are with. It’s just rude. I really wanted to soak up my time with my family and give them all the undivided attention they deserve.

So we broke out the ol piggy bank & counted our change fer some spendin money!

598 599



We took a mini vaca down yonder to spend some family time with our spawns and get away from work for a bit.

Or something like that.

We drove through McDonalds for lunch on the way…while paying in the drive thru Garridon asks..can grandmas work at McDonald’s? Are they allowed to?


Little man got his belly full and zonked out.

While Daynie was relishing her iPod time.


We ran into a few storms on the way.


Any guesses where we stopped for a potty break?


On the way Daynie inquired about whether we were staying in a hotel or a motel. Danny asked if she knew the difference. Of course she did. We assumed her she acquired this tidbit of info from the tee-u-vee. But then she went into her spill about how Brooklyn told her all about it bc Brooklyn knows everything about hotels and vacations. LoL


The first thing Danny did was make sure the tee-u-vee worked.

Garridon said if Spongebob’s not on then I’ll just watch the news.

Being G’s first time in an actual hotel room he was astonished to find out “We are sleeping in the living room??!??


He really wasn’t sure about the whole thing at first and wanted to go home.

But after a bit him and Daynie were so giddy I actually had to lay beside them and make them go to sleep.

The next day it was all about this place:


I’ve been wanting to go here for like everrr. I’ve been wanting to take the kids for awhile now too. Taking a family vaca to Sea World has been in my top 5 on my running list of Things to Accomplish for a couple years now. So saying I was excited maybe an understatement!


We got there super (almost an hour) early so we had time to kill so I was playing with the Sea World app on my phone. It is like super bomb awesome. Seriously.

It has everything! Cool frames for your pics. Show schedules. Map of the park. And the most awesome thing everrr?? A 3d view map. O.M.G. You use the camera on your phone and just hold it up and it shows you what you are looking at. Like If you just walked into the entrance and just point your camera
at what you see..it will say on top of the building.. 34 ft restrooms or 20 ft Shamu show. And as you move your camera it will tell you what you are looking at and how far. I wish I had gotten a screen shot of it bc it was cool beans!



I don’t know how Shamu didn’t have a heat stroke.



This was the very first thing the kids rode:


Shamu Express

Perfect size for little fish.


I can remember when Daynie was about 3 and she was too scared to ride the carousel at the Galleria.. We were watching Rae Rae & Stevie ride it.. Daynie was fu-reekin out! She kept yelling at the girls.. Be careful! Don’t fall off!

The first & only show we watched was Azul. It was awesome!

737 738

This Pre-Show clown was hilarious!

740 748 757

My kids might be a little too old for the Sesame Street scene…but it didn’t stop them from getting excited about the rides, games, & meeting the characters!!760 762 763 765 766 771 775 778 780 781 782 784 786

This ride was so fun but we got totally soaked!

789 790 791 792 794 795 797 798

I did purchase the Dine w/ Shamu! The food sucked but the experience was great! It was sooo neat to see these magnificent creatures up close & learn about them!



801 802 803 804 805


IMG_0950 IMG_0953 IMG_0955 IMG_0956



They also have a mini little splash park that is lots of fun! and perfect to cool off!

808 809 810 811 812 814

We didn’t ride this next ride but the kids got a kick out of getting splashed!

IMG_0959 IMG_0964 IMG_0965

My kids rode this little roller coaster about 6 times!

815 817


These are from the roller coaster…

982 983

Sea World’s water park Aquatica is next door to Sea World…we didn’t go but I took the kids picture in front of this awesome sand castle!


The best thing about getting to the park before it opened…besides it NOT being crowded…was getting a parking spot at the front!!



After some showers & chillaxin at the hotel…we got ready to go to dinner.823 825 826 830

Then headed back to the hotel for some swimming!

834 835 844 845 846 849 850 851

Check back tomorrow for the rest of our little mini vaca!

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