It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Now get over yourself Pinterest Project Mom



This is not just a day for saying….thanks for putting up with my devil child for 8 hours everyday.

This is a day for saying…thanks for doing the job that none of us want to do, but somebody has gotta do it, so thanks for being the one to do it and being awesome while you do it.

And since that doesn’t sound all cakes & pies on a hallmark card….America turns to Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong..I LOVVVVVE Pinterest.  It’s pretty much muh BFF these days.

BUT…after about the 7th food or drink product with a cleverly coordinated cute saying…the teacher is pretty much over it & rolling her eyes.

Because nothing says I appreciate you a bottle of orange pop.

Because nothing says I appreciate you teacher…like a bottle of orange pop.

So after searching Pinterest anyways for a bazillion nano seconds…I FINALLY found it!


These free printables from Chicabug are seriously epic.


Cute. Funny. Free.


These are perfect!

PLUS they are what the teacher’s really want & NEED….the goods.

ANY freakin gift card on the planet is better (& more appreciated) than that glittery glob of trash you stayed up all night making and posting show off pics  of on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Keek accounts.

GET OVER yourself & show your kid’s teachers how much you truly APPRECIATE THEM…not how how awesome of a Pinterest Project mom you are.


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