It’s a start..

Day one: sept one


Wow. A number never seen before.

My brunch. At work. On a Saturday.


I woke up & didn’t really have time to make breakfast so I just kinda grabbed what I had on hand in the work fridge.

Yes we keep hotdogs and sliced cheese at work. Doesn’t everybody?

If you don’’re just weird.

I didn’t leave work until after four.. I was starving and Ready to stuff my face.

Instead I ate some more hotdogs and some wolf brand chili.

I know I know.

I think the key is to plan. Which I suck at. Like a lot.

But somehow.. I gotta get with the program & plan ahead.

Day two: sept two


Down. 1 1/2 LB’s.

In one day.

I’ll take that.

Especially when my 1st protein day was full of not so healthy items and I went over my calories.


And I may or may not have ate a bite of frosting off Danny’s cake and took a swallow of milk before bed.

Yes I realize that pretty much undoes my day.

Baby steps y’all!

At least I didn’t eat any cake…

Besides it had nuts and coconut. Yucko.

I still lost a pound and a half!


I did pretty good today too. Big brunch. Early dinner. No carbs and no sweets.


We even ate at Olive Garden & I didn’t eat any bread! I looove the chicken fettuccini… But I resisted and got the stuffed chicken marsela. I immediately moved the mashed potatoes off my plate so I wouldn’t be tempted. It was yum.


Had to guess on logging it bc the full meal is 800 calories and I didn’t eat the mashed potatoes.

We even went here this afternoon & I got Miss Priss a cookie


But I left with just a diet dp for myself.


Much better self discipline today.. & I had some major temptations!

Day 3. sept 3


Down 2.6 LB’s from yesterday.

I’m actually a little shocked…considering I may or may not have gotten into the frosting on Danny’s cake again.

Don’t judge me.

It’s sooo good!

The cake is in the trash now btw.

Anyway..I’m sure the majority of the LB’s is water weight. It usually is the first couple of days of any diet.

So today was a pretty good eating day.


I was so busy cleaning up the house & dealing with making a grocery list & kids & a husband..I didn’t eat breakfast. It’s very important to eat first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going.

So as I headed out to Wal-Mart for some Labor Day grocery shopping…I swung by Subway for this:


What is that you say?

Only the yummiest thing ever. Or at that moment anyway.

That is a Subway Meatball Marinara Sub. Minus the Sub.

You should have seen me the first time I realized I could do that. You know..get just the balls & not the bread.

I was all….sayyy WHAAAAT?  I can do that?

The thought seriously never occurred to me..until my old sidekick shared the secret.

Less messy. More yummy.

That night I made meatloaf, baked beans, & corn.

I may not have done totally NO carbs/sugar…but at least it was semi-healthy & I stayed under my calories for the day.

AND I didn’t dip into the cake frosting! maybe b/c it was in the trash. or maybe b/c I went to bed early. or maybe because I’m disciplined. lol.

So prob..I need to start my 3 days of protein only over again.

Recap: After sat.sun.mon  of no junk (kinda) no carbs (kinda) no sugar (kinda) NO COKES I’m down 4 1/2 lbs. 

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