I’m back!

I'm back


Soo…I’ve been a bit of a blog AND diet slacker these days.

But now…I’m BACK!

The last few weeks I haven’t really been keeping up with my calories in My Fitness Pal App…which only leads to the slippery slope of not eating the best foods.

And it def caught up with me!


Monday (yesterday) when I got on the scale…there was this…



You’d think after the excitement of breaking under 230 I would have had some motivation to keep it going..not backslide.

But yesterday that number was a bigger slap in the face than this….especially after I was sooo close to the 50 pound mark last week!



So yesterday I started back counting my cals:




As you can see from my snacks…I really need to get the munchies under control!

I’m also going to try to start back up my food diary…it REALLY helps ya’ll!

OF COURSE...breakfast is muh usual

OF COURSE…breakfast is muh usual


I get emails from Hungry Girl and she is always promoting VitaTops.  I’ve always wanted to try them..but you have to get so many at one time. I finally got on there website & ordered some for the office. That’s when I saw they now offer pizza! I got a few of them to try too! They were actually pretty good!


For dinner Danny grilled some pork chops…



I actually got the measuring cup out & measured out the serving sizes (1/2 cup) of beans & potatoes. But then I only ate 1/2 of each…so I adjusted MFP.

It’s always a good idea to start measuring and weighing your portion sizes to make sure they are accurate…DON’T GUESS!

This morning the scale looked a little better!


Lately..I’ve been reading this book….

This Is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More–and Keep the Weight Off

I follow a blogger, Skinny Meg, who posted about it awhile back…so I downloaded the Kindle version off Amazon. I have very little time to read…so I’ve been trying to fit in time here and there. It’s actually very interesting! It pretty much confirms much of what we have all heard about food (and much of what I have always believed). But it actually goes into detail about how foods (especially sugar) effect your hormones, organs, causes cancer & ect. She breaks it down where you can understand. Some things are real eye openers!

I know I need to educate myself on what’s healthy & really try to implement it in our life. Reading this book is a good first step! She talks about how to transition into clean eating…I may try her plan & post about it.


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