I am the dagumm sunshine.

So lately..maybe I haven’t been the sunshine.

Dayummm Walt I'm tryin...Give a girl a break.

Dayummm Walt I’m tryin…Give a girl a break.

Okay I’ve been down right bitter.

Someone left me with a hell of a mess at work….a financial burden personally….and a broken heart friendship wise. (Blog post when I’m ready)

…and…Completely squashed any progress I’ve made in the trust issue dept.


so..I’ve been really busy & really broken lately…hence the lack of blogging.

BUT…it’s time I put muh big girl panties on…which I will happily report are getting too big….and get to gettin on with my life.

What better place to start than playing along with a little Q & A from one of muh favs in blogland….Tim Bob’s Bloggy Blog.


1.  What’s the sexiest song you’ve ever heard?

Too Close by Next has been doin it for me since 1998…roll down the windows in that Chevy Malibu & blast that chit w/ muh posse.

2.  Dream vacation?

at the moment…ANY vacation. seriously. I just need to check out of life for awhile.  I’m thinking of staging a nervous breakdown so I can have an excuse to do just that.

3.  First movie you saw in the theatre?

Oh wow..I don’t even know this? And I have a GOOD memory. I remember seeing Casper with my Aunt Nina. She fell asleep and was snoring & I had to wake her up.  Before that maybe Fern Gully? Wowza I’m shocked I don’t know this.

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4.  Celebrity crush?

I’m not a big on celebrity crushes. Yes there are some super hot guys that make me crazy went they dance on the big screen…but I don’t get gaga over any celebrity really. Unless they’re a blogger.


okay okay…I may or may not have a thing for a coupla the Duck Dynasty guys…


I’ll let you guess which ones.
5.  Your worst family reunion moment?

Hmm..we don’t really have family reunions anymore…
6.  Best Christmas present you ever received?

A pager circa: 2000 from muh man. I still have that bad boy. 143 baby. 143.

7.  Worst Christmas present you ever received?

Umm..where do I start? Danny has made this a open running list….We will just start with the deodorant in my stocking that wasn’t even my brand…
8.  Disney World or the beach?

Well the only beach I’ve ever been to is Galveston & I thought it was icky. So I’m ganna go with Disney World. I super jumbo heart love that place!

9.  Post a selfie pic of you at this exact moment.

10.  Post the 5th picture in your phone.

photo (3)


This cracks me up. I used it as my Day 1:  Eat photo for my Instagram Photo a Day challenge. Jump in there & do it…you know you wanna. All the cool kids are doin it.


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