HP Photo Warm Up Your Walls House Party and Bunco!



Tuesday night I hosted a HouseParty.com party! I LOVE these parties because the Party Packs are always over the top fabulous and packed to the brim with goodies!

Party Pack


This party I was especially stoked about because it was a HP Photo Warm Up Your Walls House Party & everyone knows what a photo freak I am!



I got coupons to order a bunch of free photo products to show off at the party.


The Party Pack was packed full awesome coupons & samples for the guests too..





There was garland included in the party pack along with holiday card samples. I was supposed to show different ways to show off your Christmas cards. My house is decorated in fall still…so I used cupcake picks & decorated my garland fall.

331 332 333

I got together a few cute prizes for guests…


Now the products…

Let me start by saying…what a nightmare experience.

I submitted the 8×20 mounted photo, the 5×7 mounted photo, a calendar, and a photobook online Sunday night. I received a confirmation email for the order. The next day, I received an email saying the order was complete and ready for pickup. At 6pm on Monday…I went to pick them up and they were not ready. The woman told me that there is only one person that works in the photo lab and that she was off on Sunday and Monday and would be in at 10am on Tuesday. I told her that I received an email saying they were ready. She said the computer gets confused bc it automatically sends those out when the order prints..but the stuff wasn’t put together.  I told her that I was having a party and she had to have them done first thing. She assured me it wouldn’t be a problem and would leave the woman a note. I went ahead used the HP Photo Kiosk in Walmart to create the same day 16×20 canvas and 11×14 canvas at that time. On Tuesday I returned at 3pm to pick up my products. NOTHING was ready. NOT ONE ITEM. And the photo lady was on lunch break. I threw a hissy fit to two managers who said they were sorry and assured me they would have them done in an hour and a half. I did explain to the managers and everyone involved that I had a party that night where I would be showcasing the items. I returned at 4:30 and the items were STILL NOT DONE. The poor photo lady was so nice and working as fast as she could to get them done for me. But I nearly lost my cool when a cashier that was ‘just hanging out’ in the photo area said right in front of me…I don’t know why she is throwing a fit she just submitted some of those yesterday. UMMMM…FIRST OF ALL…this stuff is advertised as SAME DAY.  Ugh! And then…she didn’t even have the 8×20 in her system or printed or anything! I showed her my confirmation email and the email saying it was ready. She couldn’t find it in her system so I had to resubmit it from the Kiosk. So I basically had to wait around another TWO HOURS for the photo lady to finish the products. I left Walmart at 6:30 pm which was also THE TIME OF MY PARTY! Thankfully I had a friend at my house that welcomed everyone in until I could get there. I arrived late & with canvases still wet from the glue.

I will say however..I was really impressed with the quality of the canvases…they turned out great!

400 401 402

The mounted photos were pretty nice…the quality was ok. She basically just stuck the photo to the mount like a sticker. The photo kind of hangs off the edges a bit from not being cut just even. AND…when it printed it somehow cute off part of the photos (Danny’s head, our feet) 405 406 408


The 5×7 mounted photo…I took it to work the next day 🙂




The photo book was exactly what I was expecting from a quick print. The quality was not good at all.  It was ok for the price you would pay…but the quality compared to the other photo books I have printed from online stores like Shutterfly.com & Winkflash.com is no where close.

409 410 411 412

The Calendar was just okay too. The quality is ok. It’s about what you get for same day & the price. I do love all the customization features it has..including adding events to the dates.

413 414 415



Here’s my party people!


Obviously they think I’m as great as I do 🙂


The Party Pack included these fun photo props!

355 356   359

I actually hosted BUNCO at my house at the same time as my Warm Up Your Walls party so I could combine the two!



Overall the party was a success! We had a great time! Bunco was fun & crazy..good food..good friends! Some of the products were very nice & the ladies LOVED all their freebies!


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  1. I has a very similar experience with Walmarts photo center and eventually didnt even get my products, lost my taxes money because I was fed up with dealing with them 🙁

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