How to clean up spilled Scentsy wax…

Can you feel your neck tense up & your body cringe at just the thought of spilled Scentsy?

It literally drives me INSANE. And we have certainly had our fair share at our house.

Just ask my kids….it seriously makes me crazy.


When we moved into our new house, we bought a used little sectional from a friend. It was in excellent condition and even still had the tags on it! The only catch was he spilled Scentsy on one of the end tables and because he was a single guy…he left it there indefinitely.


I actually left it for a few weeks because I had no time and no clue how to tackle it without ruining the wood.


And then my good friend came over & showed me a little secret…


Seriously…who knew?!




The iron melts the wax and it sticks to the towel.

Seriously so simple you guys!



And here’s a little video of her working her magic!

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