How to add my blog’s shortcut to your iPhone’s home screen.

I know sometimes when life gets CUH-RAAZY you forget to check out my awesomeness for the day. There is string of bloggers I LOVE but if they weren’t on my blog roll on bloglovin…then I couldn’t keep up with them daily b/c I wouldn’t remember to go check their site every single day.

If you are not a huge enough blog reader to warrant getting an app like bloglovin to keep up with all your blogs….like say you only read ME b/c I’m enough awesome to satisfy your every blog lovin need….then this is the trick for you!

Just add a direct link to my blog on your phone’s home screen!


To do this…follow these ridiculously easy steps!

ONE: Open Safari.



TWO: Go to my blog



THREE: When my page opens, click the little box with an arrow at the bottom.



FOUR: See my thumbnail w/ the tree that says Add to Home Screen under it? Click that.



FIVE: Your screen should now look like the pic below. This will let you edit the title of the shortcut. Obvs.. I chose Muh Blog. You can go with something like Awesomeness. Whetev floats yer boat really. When you are done editing click Add.



WHOALA!!!  You have added me to your home screen in FIVE easy steps!

side note: this also works with just about any website…but obviously mine is the most important one you need to be adding 😉


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