How the shake thing is going..

Much better than the first time I tried it!

I’m figuring out how to make it work for me..

Like instead of a shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal for dinner..

I’ve switched the healthy meal to lunch So I’m not burnt out during the day on shakes and starving…so by dinner I dont overdue it on the “healthy” meal.

This has helped me a lot.

Also.. Keeping healthy sugar free low cal snacks on hand like sugar free jello and pudding.

The no cokes is going ok too.. I went and bought a bunch of propel and crystal light flavoring packs for bottled water.

I’m also trying to ween myself off 2% milk which still has a lot of sugar and calories. Even in shakes its hard for me to do 1% or almond milk. So I’ve been doing 1/2 a cup 2% and one cup almond or 1%.

Listen. I flippin love milk.

Ice cold 2% is pure heaven for me. So that is hands down the hardest thing for me to give up or change. I’m not chugging it throughout the day.. So that’s good. But now I have to try to get it out of my shakes too.

I learned I have to have them cold! I add ice and stick them in fridge

I also bought a single serving size blender..

Much much easier! Less assembly and cleanup!

Back when Danny was making shakes he would put a real banana in.. And ohmygawd they were good! But bananas are high in calories and sugar.. and. Bc I’m allergic to fresh fruit (some more than others) they made my throat supa itchy and set off my allergies. So this time I bought a bag of frozen strawberries and bananas (not apples and banay nays) and put just about 4 slices of banana ( about a 1/4 of banay nay) in my shake. No itchy throat. A lot less cals in suga. Still pretty dang yummy.

The other night I did just one teaspoon of peanut butter in my shake. Umm yum.

Also.. I’ve started using my fitness pal again. If you want to follow me my user name is : nninadanny. You can follow me on the app or the computer.

So for now the shakes / healthier diet / changes are going ok. I know I’m only two days in.. But I’m not near as sick of it at this point as I was last time.

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