Hey you. Yeah you. I’m talkin to you.

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Hey Ya’ll!!

Or…shall I say… ALL YA’LL!

That’s right! I’m a Texas girl too!

That’s because in Texas we have the most awesomely hilarious bad ass bloggers around!

I’m happy happy happy ya’ll moseyed on over from Mama Laughlin’s page…thanks so much for visiting! Stay awhile & check out some digital awesome while you’re here.

Diet Drama 1

If you’re interested in my never ever ending weight loss story…you can start here.

If you click on Project No Mo Fat Ass at the top of my page…it will give you a drop down menu with some main posts. If you click on Project No Mo Fat Ass on the side of my page …it will take you to all the posts tagged Project No Mo Fat Ass (or click this link).

What else am I about you say? Oh..a little of everything. I’m pretty random. I’m into a lot of everything.

Lazy Mom Meals 1

Pinterest people are totally loving my Lazy Mom Meals these days. So be sure to check those bad boys out too.

Oh yeah…and in the last week…Muh Bill Book has pretty much went viral on Pinterest.




Yesterday that post got 4717 views.

Isn’t that cray cray??

Yes…I just went all Kardashian on ya’ll.

Be sure to check it out!




So…I just started kinda some sort of if you can call it that running a few times a week. I’ll be posting on that…prob some videos too..although my fitness vids will be more on the entertaining  side rather than informative like ML’s.  But none the less…Fitness & diet updates, scale pics, half ass cooking, & a whole lotta randomness is what you can look forward to around MommyEdwards.com. You’re welcome.

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