Hey Ya’ll…

Wowza…where have I been?? Haha! Are ya’ll giveaway’d out yet?

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The end of the year/1st of the year is crazy nutballs for me at work…so you’ll have to excuse my lack of blogging…but stay tuned…b/c I gots some big time awesomeness planned for twenty-fourteen!



I’m currently working on getting my shit together so I can make this blog blast it’s full on potential of straight up awesome.  I’m working on getting organized so that I can keep my chit together & bring ya’ll a steady stream of awesome. AND most of all…I’m trying to get muh head in the game to turn my eating/diet/exercise lifestyle around & back on track.  AWESOME is the word. Obviously.


If you are all about Muh Bill Book…keep a look out b/c I am getting together an updated version…with new free printables, versions to buy, & a giveaway.



Confession: I totally suck at the weight loss/fitness thing.  After losing 50 60 lbs…most of 2013 was pretty much a wash for me since I gained 10 lbs back, lost it, gained it back, ect ect. I just suck at it.

2014 is GOING to be the year of change for me & my family.



Imma buckle down and get this weight loss/healthy lifestyle stuff UNDER CONTROL.

NO MO diets. Lifestyle change. Somehow…someway…I’m ganna make that happen.

Imma get my life organized and make it more awesome.

Imma get my mind and my body surrounded only by awesome, positive thoughts & people.


Awesome. AwesomER. AwesomeNESS. Awesomesauce.

I only want 2014 to be filled with..you guessed it …

PURE: awesome



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