Happy Birthday!

Saturday night was a much needed night out with old friends! I’ve only been out once this year and that was back in January.

So we hit up this place 1st:

and chowed down on some of this:

and sipped chugged a few of these:

all to celebrate this gal:

She is an incredible person. She has an AMAZING life story. She has endured too many obstacles for one person to have to endure in a lifetime and she has overcome them with such grace and strength. Her positive personality & unwavering faith is such an inspiration!

And us…well…we go wayyyy BACK…to you know..IN THA DAY

Middle School 

Trying to look for pictures from Back In Tha Day…makes me wonder how different it would have been if OUR generation had digital cameras or cell phones to take unlimited pics with!

High School:

Our 1st apt: 


She is one of only a handful of people in my life that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other..or the circumstances…once we get back around each other..it’s like old times…BFFE‘s.

My sister-n-law was in from Hawaii…

We also go way back…over 12 years…as long as me & her brother have been an item. But not as far back as her & the birthday girl….they’ve know each other their whole life! So..I’ve really known her since way before her brother & I got together..but it was then that we actually became friends…

And a wild ride it has been for us three…


….finding our places as our roads collide and friendship dynamics are changed, settling in as we mold our friendships and struggle to all fit in the car together, finding our place on the map as we attempt to all go the same direction together yet on our own paths, yes, what a wild ride it has been for us three, a very bumpy road along the way, but I believe we have arrived at our destination! We are all in such a great place with our friendships with each other and together!

We had a fun evening full of good food, better drinks, & lots of laughter!

After dinner we headed to this place:

where I drank water while the girls got their dance on to this:




Happy Birthday! I love you!

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