GOMI & online bullies…

At the 2:02 mark.

Ellen: And most people that do say mean things, turns out are the cowards and the chickens. People that just stay behind their keyboard.

Shia: Well I think it’s, I wouldn’t even, I think we both suffer from the same thing. Ya know I got into this industry cause like I had this void ya know I’m a kid of abandonment. And uh, and so I thought being good at being an actor would somehow fill that void. And uh uh, well you know entertainment, a lot of entertainers are this way. And so I think, people, it’s really  you just wanna make a mark. So people who are online doing the comments , really just want to make a mark.  They wanna have the effect. So I think we suffer from the same thing which is just a lack of attention and love.

Ellen: Right, well said.  Yeah, I think no matter how you’re reaching for it everybody’s trying to fill themselves up in some way. And you got to do it yourself and you gotta find what it is that makes you feel whole and feel good.


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