God lessons through Instagram & twirl.


Friday before the girls went out to twirl at the high school pep rally I said a quick prayer asking God to let the girls have a no drop performance.

This pep rally was a huge deal because Sabine doesn’t currently have twirlers and we are trying to reintroduce them to the school and the community and show them we can have great twirlers to be proud of representing our school line. It was an even bigger deal for our girls whose peers (2nd through 5th grade) had come to watch the pep rally. It was very important to make a good impression.


Well, 3 very nervous, but very excited girls went out to do their thing…and had to stand for over a minute in their starting poses because the sound people couldn’t find the CD. The crowd was cheering the whole time and Daynie was standing right next to the football players who were hooting. The music started and Daynie couldn’t hear. Once she realized it had started she rushed to begin and dropped her first trick. She was the very first trick of the routine. All eyes on her. I felt so bad for her but she kept going and finished strong. The music kept fading in and out because something was messed up with the sound system but, the girls didn’t miss a beat and rocked their performance! That was Daynie’s only drop and there were only 3 total drops for the whole routine, which is pretty good for elementary kids. The crowd loved them & it was a huge proud mom moment for us three mommies!



These awesome girls did an amazing job at the high school pep rally today! Even with technical/sound system issues and trouble hearing the music they gave a great performance showing what great little twirlers they are! @blairmax6 @mer0808

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A few minutes later, as we were watching the rest of the pep rally, Daynie started crying and saying she didn’t want to go back to school because she was so embarrassed she dropped and was afraid the kids at school would make fun of her. I could barely speak to her to calm her because I didn’t want her to see me cry too. My heart ached for her. For a second, I thought about letting her skip school the rest of the day. But I knew she had an awesome performance and told her she had to go back to school.  


While watching the rest of the pep rally, a sweet high school boy in a jersey came over and told her she did good. She was embarrassed and still pouting from the drop, and wouldn’t speak.  After the pep rally, a man ( I think he was a coach) walked over with his wife and told Daynie great job. Daynie just looked at him and muttered a half thank you (because I threatened her life after she didn’t say anything to the football boy)  I apologized to the man and told him that she was upset and embarrassed because she dropped. He assured her that she did amazing and his guys drop the ball all the time.  

On the way out of the gym we passed all her friends from her class and they were calling her name and telling her great job.All the way out kids & parents she didn’t even know told her great job. We ran into her sweet friend Emma. She could tell Daynie was upset and gave her a pep talk. Daynie seemed to perk up. She actually wiped her face from crying & half smiled for a picture.




In the car, I gave her a good talking to about the way she acted. It’s okay to be upset that you messed up, but it’s not okay to be rude to other people because you are upset. I still expect her to use her manners and say thank you.


I also want her to realize that not every performance will be perfect, but it is how you finish and carry yourself afterwards that really matters. Because a lot of people, like Daynie, didn’t even realize the music had started, so they weren’t paying attention and missed her drop.  Even the ones that saw it, because the rest of the performance was so good, they forgot about the first drop by the time the girls were done.

After I dropped her back off at the elementary school, I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this post and it immediately brought me back to my earlier prayer for the girls to have a no drop performance…and then what do ya know….it’s my kid that drops the very first trick of the routine.




That post, my prayer, & Daynie’s attitude sort of resonated with me all day.


After school, Daynie was just happy as could be. I asked her how her day went. She said that a boy in her class actually did make fun of her and told her she had two drops. She argued and said, no I only had one drop. But, everyone else told her good job. Even some 5th graders that she didn’t know. She said I don’t even know how they knew my name, I’m popular now! (let’s not get carried away now lol)  She was so excited telling me about it.  


Could it be because her name is on the back of her jersey?!

Could it be because her name is on the back of her jersey?!

I had a feeling that’s how her day would go, and I’m glad I made her go back to school so she could experience that.


At church Sunday, a sweet middle schooler ran up to Daynie & said…”Hey was that you that was twirling? You are so good!”  Daynie smiled and said thank you. I’m thankful for that boy and his sweet words, it made Daynie’s day!

 “There are times that God doesn’t give us what we want. But in those cases He speaks to us in ways that are just as valuable as the things we prayed for.”

So looking back, I’m thankful for that drop. It has taught Daynie some very valuable life lessons. And she is for sure going to come out a better person & twirler for it. And this mom learned a few things too 😉  




PS…the girls performed the day before at the middle school pep rally and that night at the 8th grade football game. They did great!



Oh my goodness…these girls! @blairmax6

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They are performing at the 8th grade game tonight and the high school pep rally in the morning! #twirl View on Instagram




Shout out to @blairmax6 for choreographing this awesome routine & to the girls for learning it in a few weeks! #twirl


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The girls rocked it at their 1st ever pep rally performance today! #twirl View on Instagram






#future #sabine #twirler


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