Girls Slumber Party

Today I am featuring Daynie’s 1st Slumber Party! This was SOOOO fun!

It was in May of her last year of Preschool. I wanted to do something fun & memorable for her & her friends before they all separated & went to Kindergarten.

The invitations:

I knew I wanted something super cute & adorable. Not just something to be tossed the minute it was read. Something for the girls to really get excited about when they opened them! I mailed them to each house (rather than giving them out in person) because kids LOVE to get mail. It just makes them feel special.


I designed the invites myself. It took me a few days to come up with the perfect wording & find the images I liked. I designed it in Corel Paint Shop Pro X2…and then printed it onto fabric (dark) transfer iron on paper. Then I busted out the sewing machine & whipped up the cute little pillows, Ironed on the invites, and stuffed them!

I am ALL about the presentation & details when it comes to a partayy!  I have a big open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining.

The Girls Just Want To Have Fun plates & alll the coordinating accessories came from Oriental Trading.

ALL of this Sundae & Polka Dot set came from Dollar General. Even the table cloths.

An Ice Cream Sundae bar for the girls to do…Just hand over the cool mom award now.

I ordered lots of coordinating goodies for the girls to take home.

Here’s the makeup stash (mostly from Claire’s)  for the makeovers..

The long  kid tables I bought from Fred’s for this party. The legs actually extend for full size tables to use for adults. All the chairs I got at Dollar General, Family Dollar,

and Big Lots.

Here’s Miss Priss writing her name on each pillow case. The girls were to sign each one & then take their own home.

Because the girls were so young (4-6)… I made this a mommy/daughter slumber party. Everyone wore pajamas!

Pizza Time!:

Next it was time to tear into the dress up clothes & get dolled up for a fashion show!


The Mammarazi:

These girls were in heaven!

Time for some dancing!

And Karaoke!!!

And Makeovers!

And more karaoke 😉

More makeup

Mommy/Daughter Moments:

The girls were really into the makeup!

Photo Op time!

Next it was time for ice cream!

The BIGGEST HIT at the party was hands down the KARAOKE!

& The girls totally rocked it!

After most of the fun activities…we pulled the bed out of the couch…made pallets..put on a movie…and made popcorn.

About half of the moms/daughters didn’t stay…they just came for all the fun stuff.  That’s a great way to do slumber parties for younger girls.


But that didn’t last long 🙂

They were up for a game of TWISTA…OH YEAH!

And then they checked out some of their take home gear…mainly they HAD to write some stuff in their new diaries!

This was one of the FUNNEST parties I’ve done! We invited 12 girls & they all came w/ mamma’s in tow. About half stayed the night. It was perfect!

I can’t wait to do it again!










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4 thoughts on “Girls Slumber Party

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  2. OMG I absolutely adore the pillowcase invite. I have been on the hunt to have some made for my daughters upcoming Birthday Celebration Slumber Party. Question: Are you interested in making them for sale? I would provide the details of the party for the pillowcase :).

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    • Thanks but I have noooo time! This was a few years ago when my schedule wasn’t so packed…Now I just pay people LOL.

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