Get YO Valentine Freebies!!



This Bingo set from Project Inspire is too cute! It even has bag toppers!

Classroom Valentine Bingo Game


Check out this cute Valentine book download from Amazon! Jump on it while it’s free!

I always download books when they are free on Amazon…even if I don’t go back & look at them for awhile..I still snatch them up while they are free.



Here’s a free Make Your Own Heart Crayons tutorial from busy bee + the beard.


These Free Star Wars Valentines are sooo adorable!



Aren’t these pretend iPhone’s sooo cute?! This free printable fits over Brach’s Candy Hearts.



Owl’s are soo in right now! These free Valentine bookmarks are sooo adorable!

There is also a matching free printable owl Valentine on the same link!



This cool free printable movie ticket from Avery is great for ALL ages!



This is seriously one of the cutest ideas of seen for Valentines! Free tutorial & printables too.



Holy Moly it’s a Valentine edition cootie catcher free printable!



This free vintage Valentine printable is too cute:


Here’s a cute Kid’s Valentine Book FREE (for Amazon Prime members) to borrow on Kindle. This was free on Saturday for everyone else…but has since been put back at 99 cents which is still a great deal!



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