Frosty the Fridge

I was on the google looking for fun Christmas deco for my kids..& I found this!  I’m soo stoked! I plan on doing it in the middle of the night so when the kiddos wake up they will be like… WHAAAAT!


It looks soo easy! There are several different ways to do it.



You will basically need:

2 large black circles (eyes)

3 medium circles (buttons)

5 small black circles (mouth)

1 orange triangle (nose)

If you are feeling really creative use some square colored construction paper and make a scarf. AND black construction paper to make a hat!

I made it mostly easy by making this free printable! Just print however many you need to get all your circles! To print or save….Right click on image and hit Open in a New Tab. In the new tab right click image again & hit either Save Image As or Print.

Frosty the Fridge

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