Freebies-Pictchas & a tote bag!

So the other day..if ya caught my post..we took pictures of all of Danny’s Mom’s Grandkids (yes I know it’s not necessary to capitalize the M or G, but it makes me feel right)…

We took a ton of different poses and I edited them each a few different ways…so I wanted to print them ALL to see what they looked like before I got larger prints. Plus…we needed the 4×6’s to fill this..

So..when I was bouncing between drug store photo websites to see who was going to let me keep the most of my money…. I came across a deal where you can get 25 free prints when you sign up for an online account at

So I did.


YES.   I.   DID.

I used six different email addresses and created new accounts and ordered as many multiples of every pic as I could 🙂

So deal NUMBA 1-  Sign up at for an online account and get 25 free prints.

Sending your Sista inlaw to pic them all up so you don’t feel like a cheapskate…completely optional!

150 pictures for free…WINNING!

And then today..I came across this sweet little deal:

and then right under it I saw THIS:

and then I was all: maybe that’s just some random guy off The Google. But at least you now have a visual of my excitement 🙂

So..I mosied on over and ordered this:

Cute huh? I know.

Plus I ordered my FREE prints. DOUBLE SCORE!

Deal Numba TWO:

Click HERE to hop on over to get your tote bag for $1 & the website that has 40 free prints.

You better hurry on the TOTE BAG for $1 deal though…it expires on Monday!







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