Free Fun

Being the cheapo that I am…the best kind of fun to me is the FREE kind!

Yepper dude!

Shout out.

What we’ve been up to the last few weeks…

Free Fun Numba One:

We grabbed our fav little sassy neighbor for the evening & headed downtown for a free event our city was putting on.


Free Fun Tip Always check out the newspaper, news, and Chamber of Commerce websites for free fun in your local area.

Our town was holding a free event to kick off the Great Texas Balloon race that’s held in the next town over.

You might remember me mentioning seeing these around town:

They we’re super excited to get a FREE balloon. I don’t get why kids love them so much. It’s just something to carry around! Lol.


They had old chicks doin 50’s music for the entertainment.

The kids were really into it. Our little friend can’t help but move to the music. It’s seriously in her bones. The child was born to be an entertainer.

I actually liked the music and their cute little dance moves. I wish I could have sat awhile and watched them.

We were hoping they would have a hot air balloon blown up.. But they just had their baskets. There were about 40 altogether and they were lining the street. Each one had trading cards to give the kids that had pics and info about the balloon on it.

The kids thought this was awesome and had a blast running from basket to basket.

It’s the little things ya know.


This was Daynie’s fav


This is her monkey face



We were parched from the Texas heat so we went to the yummiest Mexican food place in town for some yum yum…

As you can see.. The adorbs man muffin & his (they don’t know it yet) future wife.. Were deep in convo.

On our way back through town on the way home we drove by just in time to see the burn. Basically they turned on their burners all at once.

The kids loved it. It lasted about as long as it took us to drive by it. The best part… Not having to wait out in the heat to watch it.
Best timing ever.

Free Fun Número Dos

Later in the week.. Danny and I headed to a local school in our lunch for a free show.

Okay so maybe that was Daynie Muffin and our fav little sassy neighborhood twirler doing their end of camp show offs… But it was free AND entertaining!

Free Fun Tip Your kids are the cheapest and best form of entertainment!

{if they rock like mine}


Moving right along…

Free Fun Numba Three

Dan the Man scored us SIX of these free bad boys


Thanks Remax!

Free Fun TipNetwork and use who you know and what you know to score free stuff before you buy!

We grabbed our two monsters, 3 nephews and a granny & headed to the HOT fairgrounds for some fun.

The military had a booth set up close to the entrance.

We found out our nephew is flippin strong…


GI Joe started out right under him thinking he would have to spot him and help lift him like the kid before… After about the first three the guy just moved over. Nephew did 9 before he dropped.

There was a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do.


We could have stayed all day.. Except there was no shade and the Texas heat made it miserable.

This guy had the right idea

As we were waiting in line for a snow cone..a coupla GI Joe wanna be’s jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted down:


And that my friends is where the fun ended for the day..
Just as soon as we approached the long awaited snow cone window… Something popped and ALL the power went off to alllll the food vendors. No snow cones. No soft drinks. No food. Whiny hot kids. Whiny hot mamma.

Time. To. Go.

Crazy thing is… We didn’t see one single hot air balloon.
I guess they don’t make their appearance until after dark where they are all lit up. Boo.

Free Fun Numba Foe:

This is this Bomb Diggity of the Free Fun Scores..



DBJ. {don’t be jealous}

Tha Oilfield..hooked us up with (six) free Tex Ranja tickets!

Danny was OUT bc (1) he’s not a sports guy & (2) he was being super cry baby about how hot it was ganna be. & oh yeah (3) he totally scored a free guys trip a few weeks back to see tha Rangers & dine courtesy of his boy version bff and The Oilfield.

So a girls night? Please and thank you.

And of course we didn’t mind this adorable little tag along
{even 36 MooooommmmaMyyyLeeegHurtssss later}


One ipod, two leap pads, one meet up, a potty/snack break and One short road trip lata


We were here



Totally awesome seats for FREE



And it felt great outside too! In yo face crybaby!








I was really excited to see this guy:



This is what happens when you give your seven year old your phone for just a minute.


Crazy side note: the chick in front of us

Had a tattoo that completely covered her chest. She obviously was proud of it..hence the tube top dress.

But I was left wondering the whole time… Why she didn’t get that big ass white trash tattoo across her back. To ya know.. Camouflage her titanic mole:

I mean really.. Cut that shit off.
Or camouflage it with another white trash tattoo. Fo reals.

I’m just being practical.

Back to the game..if you can tear your eyes away from that train wreck of a mole. Obviously i couldn’t…it consumed my brain and overtook the usual awesomeness in my head..seeing as I took a pic & blogged about it and all.

They gave out coupons for free taco bueno tacos

After several people in our row generously gave Daynie theirs… My child may or may not have said very loudly.. Great! We can have lunch almost everyday now!

Hold your calls to CPS please.

For this.


Bahaha..calm it down. Do you seriously think I would ahem share?

Unless its with this girl


So we were all totally psyched when we found out it was also One Dolla hot dog night! Holla!

Until we figured out why:

[image courtesy of the queen bee herself]


That would be the only fail of the night.

Hells yeah.

Oh wait.. One more crazy side note slash fail.

There was another chick totally sidetracking my awesome thoughts with her Let’s go Yu! EVERY single flippin pitch.


A totally awesome thought entered my mind.. we can be let’s go Yu girls too!

Just randomly. Or mimicly.

For chuckles.

Insert 2nd fail here.

I couldn’t get the girls on board.

Total lame balls.

After the triple midget whining mutiny.. I gave in and we left the two grown up boring party poopers behind and hitched a ride back to my pimpin mom bus.

I think the kids would all agree that this was.. the most awesomeness thing evaaa

Bye bye suckas! Have a nice walk!

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