Flashback Friday…

Going to do something fun here at MommyEdwards.com on Fridays…

We’re going to start off with…Dun Dun DUNNNNNN…














You must be REALLY interested…










Or Nosey! Ha!








I’ll take either…    🙂



This Friday is:

A Baby Picture!

See me?


FYI-that IS a genuine 100%  vintage circa 1982 POLAROID picture!

Are ya diggin my mom’s candy stripe pj’s??  I thought so.

What’s that? You can’t see me? Well…it IS a picture from when I was a baby!

Oh…you want POST birth pics?



Aaaahhh….that’s better!

I was a doll wasn’t I? Little House on the Prairie style outfit & all 🙂


And some pics of my babies when they were babies:

A face only a mother could love!

Just Kidding…Here’s that sweet boy!

Garridon seriously STILL keeps that tongue out all the time…especially when he is trying to do something..or thinking about something.

Here’s Garridon’s hospital photo:

No…he’s NOT flipping YOU off.

Yes…he IS flipping off the camera though!

No..we did NOT put his little fingers like that on purpose. We weren’t even in the room.

Yes…he did it all on his own..he was all like..”Mom that chick taking my picture took forever and I was soooo hungry! Now pop out a tit & give me some din din!”

Chuckle Chuckle.

I swear I crack myself up sometimes!

Here’s Miss Priss in her hospital pictcha:

The red dress she is wearing is the outfit I came home from the hospital in.

Here’s a few more of my wild child:


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