Flashback Friday: Where’s the pause button?

Hanging in my hallway is one of my alll time fav pics of Miss Priss…


Doesn’t she look like a little child model posing for head shots for her portfolio?

As you can see.. This was quite a few years ago.

What a great day we had! Me & my sista took our girls to the mall and just had a fun day of hanging out…

They had a cute little girl place that gave quick little makeovers.. So we treated the girls, grabbed some clearance clothes, and took some pics at a little photography place in the mall. All very impromptu..we were just having fun.

I love this pic so much


Our girls are so pretty!

And they look so tiny!

Where’s the pause button?

I’m so thankful we decided at the last minute to let the girls do a fun photoshoot!

Every time I pass that photo in my hallway I’m taken back to that day.

Photos are like pressing the pause button.

Wowza these girls have grown!

Just look at Talyn the sweet baby in the pic…


She’s the little girl in the middle.

And gosh did that little baby grow up to have personality & spunk!

And Rae-Leigh, Stevie, and Daynie..


Rae Rae is the oldest in the pics (holding baby Talyn in the older pic)

She is one of the most beautiful people inside and out. She’s pretty much over the top amazing at everything she does.
She’s naturally just awesome but she also works very hard at everything.


See? Flippin awesome!

My niece Stevie has also grown up so much!


I love her unique style and have always said she is going to be a fashion designer one day.

Daynie adores all three of these girls! She pretty much switches back & forth idolizing between Rae & Stevie.

I think they are all just precious & perfect!


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