Flashback Friday-Prom NIGHT!

Today we are headed way back to 2001 for my PROM!

If ya can’t tell …I took these pics with my phone…they are from my Senior Memory Book.

Jimmy & Joe Joe were Danny’s best friends from back in the day…I got them dates to MY prom to make Danny more comfortable. Guess I was just a thoughtful girlfriend like that 🙂 Anyway..those guys are a butt load of fun!


You might recognize Aunt Babe in the bottom left pic…she didn’t go to our school but she went to our prom with one of my best friends, Matt. Me & Matt go way back in the day..to 4th grade 🙂

And you prob remember LeeAnn in the bottom right picture from here.

It was a pretty fun night…I don’t have a lot of pics from it…well..I do have a lot of a lot of other people…but not a lot of me/us.

After prom…the majority of the senior class went to After Hours. Which is like a big party where they have some kind of theme & activities. But since it was  a no leave until it’s over at 4am type thing…we opted out. Instead we rented all the hotel rooms at a local lake & cooked out and had our own little get together. Pretty chill.

Join us for Flashback Friday & take us back to your prom night!

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