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Today is a Free/open day!

Flashback to any old time that made you happy!

I was browsing around the old My Space the other day  & came across these pics…it was definitely a flashback!

We took a little weekend trip w/ some friends.

Daynie was SOOOO little! It’s hard remember her that small.

This was a great, relaxing weekend! We don’t get to hang with these friends very often..but always have a great time when we do!

Not the best pic..the guys were grubbin..But these two guys (sitting at table) & Danny go wayyy back. Like to tha day.

My camera shy friend Jana 🙂

Daynie chillin in Issa’s bed…SHE WAS SO TINY!

The girls watching a movie on the laptop. Issa is so tiny too! Oh the flashbacks!

Getting ready to fish!

Fishing is Danny’s 2nd most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. He LOVES it.

As little as Daynie was…she remembers A LOT about this trip.

MAINLY..how Jimmy (the guy in the front of the boat in the pic above Daynie’s) brought his pole in with a fish on it & it swung in front of Daynie’s face. She was TERRIFIED! LOL. She would NOT get back in our boat & had to ride in Jana & Cody’s boat the rest of the weekend.

Daynie has a great memory & remembers details & situations that most wouldn’t.

This pic is just precious to me.  When the girls were this little we all hung out a lot more. They loved each other!

Daynie in our room watching a movie.



The one thing I will always remember about this trip was the outdated motel rooms. The wood panel walls LOL! AND the TV’s were so old they actually had the little knob that you turned the power on & worked the volume at the same time!

Here they are filleting some fish….

For dinner of course!

See that little old couple in the background. Cute. That’ll be me & Danny one day. 🙂

Seriously…these guys are like The Three Stooges when they get together!

The big catch the next day…Issa wasn’t scared at all! I think she even kissed it! Daynie wouldn’t get within 100 ft of that fish!

And one last pic of Miss Priss when she was Itty Bitty…

Sooo…link up & Flashback to any old time that made you happy!


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