Flashback Friday-fav book when you were a kid

I read a lot when I was a kid.

Like. A. LOT.

I loved reading. I guess you could say I still love reading. I just don’t do it anymore. Unless you count blogs.

One of my fav books growing up was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I actually read it quite a few times.

BUT..I remember quite vividly my allll time fav books were a sweet little series:

I read EVERY single one of them.

There was just something about the whole kids living on their own & doing the old school stuff for survival I was drawn to. Like they put their milk in the stream to keep it cool. Totally genius. For like..kids ya know. That stuff is awesome. When you’re eight. Which I was.

Anyway..there were so many books I loved as a kid…I wish I could remember all the names to them now..so I can buy them and let Daynie read them. I can remember bits and pieces to a lot of them…but when it comes to titles…I’m a total blank.

What was your fav book and/or series when you were a very small person?

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