First day of school and a DIY teacher gift

In last minute style, I searched pinterest for a quick teacher gift I could throw together the night before.

I found this cute bandwagon idea..


I used The Google and found two different images that I liked, printed them as a 5×7, and picked up some clear frames at Wally World.


I gathered some inexpensive supplies and assembled them all in a little basket.



Easy Peasy.

Wish I could say the same for the 1st day of school.

They got dressed and out the door ok.

But as soon as we walked in the school…I could see Little Man’s hands clenching the straps of his backpack and the anxiety on his precious little freckled face.

We dropped Daynie off 1st & she was super excited!




Still clenching his backpack, my baby put on a brave face and headed to his class.





And that my friends is where it all ended!

When I went to leave… Garridon ditched the brave face and chased me out the door where he proceeded to lock me in bear hug and hold on for dear life.

And that’s when the water works started.

Both of us.

The teacher had to pry him off of me and hold him kicking and screaming while I left.


All. The. Way. To. Work.


Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not one of those emotional mammas crying because my baby started Kindergarten.

Can you say PAY RAISE?

No. Mo. Daycare.

Can I get an Amen?

Or a hells yeah!

Whatev floats yer boat.

So the source of my uncontrollable water works was my heart broke because he was scared.

Big school can be a big scary world through the eyes of a five year old.

I knew he would be fine after I left.

Both my angel babies had a great day!

Danny’s got afternoon car pool duty and I was excited when he texted me from the pickup line.


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